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July 2004 - Posts

Passing Parameters to Stored Procedures
Reports that use stored procedures as their data source are no different than reports that use any other data source. When you open the report, it automatically calls the stored procedure, retrieves the data, and populates the report with this data. The Read More...
Changing Sql Connection dynamically in Crystal Reports 10 using DotNet
Dim myReport As New crDB() myReport.SetDatabaseLogon( Me .txtUserId.Text, Me .txtPass.Text, Me .txtServer.Text, Me .txtDB.Text) Dim myLogonInfo As CrystalDecisions.Shared.TableLogOnInfo Dim myTable As CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.Table For Each Read More...
Java script using in User Control
Dear All, Let me give you an example to explain the usage of javascript in user controls. Let us suppose that u have a usercontrol in which there are 2 textboxes named txt1 and txt2 and a button called btn1 and u want to add some custom checking when Read More...
Create FTP and Web IIS Virtual Directory programmatically
Once there was a requirement in our project that user should be able to create his own website on our server by just clicking using our web application. Creating such type of wizard was not a hard task but i was thinking that if it is possible to create Read More...
Dropdown control overlapping other controls.
The behavior of dropdown i.e.overlapping other control was always a poblem for me until i found article. It occurs because the dropdownlists in IE are Windows-rendered controls, not browser-rendered controls. Effectively, all browser-rendered controls Read More...