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May 2005 - Posts

Are you nerdier than me?
My First WebPart for Share Point
Ahhhhhh. After seven hours of doing just one thing i am tired and frustated. Doing developemt on a virtual PC is a headache, so slow. My be I should upgrade my PC. I have started learning sharepoint nowadays and today I made my first web part. I tried Read More...
Why the fonts are not changing
I have edited my previos post many times just to change the font . The font is changed in the editor but the view is same. I tried this after reading Fahad's post but no use. Am i missing something? Read More...
Congrats to weblogs.com.pk
Ah finally weblogs.com.pk is converted to CS. Now the problem for searching the blog is over. I have installed CS on my local PC as well. It has a lot of administrative options. I am going through the code to check the patterns and practices they have Read More...
Problem in System.Random
What will be your condition if you are not able to find the bug using debugging? Same happen to me and I spent nearly 2 hours in just catching the bug. Actually my task was to generate a random time table based upon certian business rules. I used System.Random Read More...