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Aziz ur Rahman

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July 2005 - Posts

Google™ Code Jam 2005
It's back! The Google™ Code Jam 2005 is now offering the best coders in the world a chance to compete for $155,000! Have you got what it takes? Can you take the pressure? Know how to solve problems? Know algorithms? Read More Read More...
Integration of Exchange with SharePoint
Found these two good links on integration of Exchange with SharePoint. Display an Exchange Public Folder in a SharePoint Web Part Integrating Exchange Server 2003 with SharePoint Products and Technologies Read More...
Compression in Dot Net (Zip format).
Like many of you out there, I have also used #ZipLib (pronounced as SharpZipLib) to do compression programmatically. For those who do not know about #ZipLib, it is an open source compression library for zip formats, written in C#. The code is available at their website. I was thinking that how it is possible that Microsoft did not provide any type of compression APIs in Dot Net Framework. After googling for some time, I came to know that..... Read More...