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November 2005 - Posts

Default sa password in SQL Server Express
Referring to Khurram's Post , @Khurram ,Can you explain a little more on the "Installing SQL Express on Domain" problem. Do you want to install SQL Express on machine having the active directory and access using some other machine? Or You want Read More...
Deleting Comments/ Coffee
If you delete some comments from one of your posts, it will not be shown on the page now but it will come in the statistics of your bloglist page. http://weblogs.com.pk/admin/blogs/postlist.aspx?App=YOURBLOGNAME. I don't know how guys are putting images Read More...
Current Activities 23Nov2005
Doing THE .Net Consultancy job from 7 to 3. Believe me guys, it is tough to wake so early if you normally sleep after 1 or 2. Then sometimes have to go to my original office to resolve issues like vacations, salary or sometimes to support previous projects Read More...
Oracle - Problematic Wish List
This is not a wish list like khurram use to post about different things. This is not a list of problems fahad use to post about oracle. This is a problematic wish list. Some solved, some left, some in searching phase, and some waiting for your comments Read More...
Deployed as a .Net Consultant. Funny isn't it????
I have been deployed (sold/given on rent. [:O] yeah yeah I actually got a chance to see my Purchase Order) to the SEC (Saudi Electric). It is a huge company covering all the electrical aspects of the Kingdom. Guys working in Saudi know about it. Timings Read More...
Man Made Artificial Earthquakes
// Please Note /* This post is being Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V from one of the emails I got. Not sure about its authenticity. Posted it here so that may be someone else who know something about it can comment */ Man Made Earthquakes Here's a direct quotation Read More...