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Oracle - Problematic Wish List
This is not a wish list like khurram use to post about different things. This is not a list of problems fahad use to post about oracle. This is a problematic wish list. Some solved, some left, some in searching phase, and some waiting for your comments so do comments the solution or add a problematic wish.
No bool datatype
Currently I am handling it in Business Objects by converting integer into boolean in properties
Auto generated column
I have to make one sequence for every table that have auto generated primary key.
CamelCase Naming convention
Oracle saves the table names in UPPER CASE. Initially I was having name like this LONGCONTRACTPAYMENTS :). The normal convention I have found is LONG_CONTRACT_PAYMENTS. Now I am following the same convention.
Long/Big Names
I cannot name a table like LONG_CONTRACT_PAYMENTS_DETAILS. I have to do it like LC_PAY_DETAILS. Cannot have big names.
Drag Drop ERD Diagrams
After some searching and going through the tools, I came to know that Toad 8.5 provide this but with limited functionality not like SqlServer Database designer. Toad has a model view as well to generate queries as we have in SqlServer.
Changing order of columns
What if I want to change the order of columns in a table. I cannot find a simple way. Same Toad8.5 comes for the rescue. It uses a little trick by making a new table with the changed order and transferring the data, renaming the old and new tables. You may be thinking why the hell I want to change the order of columns. Bottom line is : Put the mostly selected columns first. The select query will be faster. I have read it somewhere, do not remember the link now.
After some searching I found that Oracle has its own globalization client/server architecture i.e. you have to specify character sets for both database and the clients who will access it. I put UTF-8 for both. Now I can save/view Arabic data through my application as well the Oracle Enterprise Manager but SQL-PLUS and Toad is showing corrupted data. I do not know the remedy now but happy that now Arabic data can be handled in my app.

May be for you guys this is a small issue but here in Saudi Arab, this is THE MOST critical issue. You know globalization, you can understand arabization but you might be thinking what is Saudization. The term is used when we are using pure Saudi Arabi's Arabic :). May be you people can call it urduization in general and pakistanization or better pakization :).

Bottom Line
Now I know why oracle guys are paid more because oracle is difficult because it is difficult to do small things in oracle easily. :). My tip is: after trying different clients tools, I think Toad is far better than others.
Posted: Monday, November 21, 2005 8:57 AM by aziz
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fahad said:

Start an article at wiki website... I will participate....
# November 21, 2005 6:37 PM

#fahad said:

I must appreciate the post by Aziz about Oracle. I am specifically refering to ...
Now I know why oracle...
# November 22, 2005 12:33 AM

aziz said:

FK, i will be happy if you add some more problematic wishes or solve some . Where do you want to create wiki? yours or khurram's (the one for community, donot remember the link now)??
# November 22, 2005 12:43 AM

#fahad said:

I must appreciate the post by Aziz about Oracle. I am specifically refering to ...Now I know why oracle...
# November 22, 2005 12:51 AM
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