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Aziz ur Rahman

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Current Activities 23Nov2005

Doing THE .Net Consultancy job from 7 to 3. Believe me guys, it is tough to wake so early if you normally sleep after 1 or 2. Then sometimes have to go to my original office to resolve issues like vacations, salary or sometimes to support previous projects I was working on. A trend of quitting job has been set in my office. One fellow has gone to Singapore, other is going to Ireland in few days. Last but not the least, doing some zaate kaaam as well to earn some extra roopya.

and yeah one more thing... listening to Dr. Israr Ahmed and Zakir Naik lectures. Currently I am going through lectures of Dr. Israr regarding to the tashreeh and tafseer of the whole Holy Quran. Learned so many basic things about religion, also the history of Christians, Jews and Islam because Dr. Israr goes into each and every detail.

If you are too busy in your daily activities, don't have time to read understand the Holy Quran, you should go for this option. It is too easy for guys like us who are sitting in front of their so called wife "the computer" most part of the day. (My mamoon used to say "He does not need to get married, he has his wife "computer"). Just play the audio for half an hour. Best part is you can do the work in parallel as well although it is not recommended. If you want to download the audio/video, you can go to http://aswatulislam.net/, a site with a huge audio/video collection of different scholars.

and.... :( trying to get my vacation application approved by both the client and office. See.. if you are deployed then you are like a step child. Client will say that you are not his employee and the office will say that your issues will be solved according to client point of interest. Pray for me guys. Dec 14 is going to be the anniversary of my arrival here in Saudia. I am trying to be in Pakistan on Eid.

Posted: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 9:12 AM by aziz
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