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Eid ul Fitar In Mecca / Madina / Jeddah

I planned to spend my Eid vacations in Mecca/Madina this year. There were no hotels available in Mecca at that point of time so we booked the hotel in Jeddah (less than 1 hour drive to Mecca). We reached there 2 days ago. We left for Mecca in the night, performed Umra, prayed Qayam ul Lail and then went back.

Next day we went there again agfter Iftar. We prayed Khatam Taraweeh there. Mulana Sudais were there. We went for dinner , came back for Qayam ul Lail and then left for Jeddah.

This was the last day so we left at night, reached Mecca at 2 am We tried to find a place as near as possible to Ka'ba. We waited there for 2 hours for Fajar. We prayed there and keep sitting there for Eid prayer. We done this all becuase otherwise we will not be able to get a place if we come late.

Finally we prayed Eid ul Fitar salah. We went to Roof Top, took some pictures and then left for Jeddah. You can see some snapshots of Ka'ba in my photo section.

This was supposed to be my last trip to the Holy Places during these two years of service. Allah knows better when I will be there again.

Posted: Sunday, November 05, 2006 4:27 PM by aziz
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