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Proud to be Pakistanis!

Weblog Engine Is Updated To Community Server

Today; we have updated the http://weblogs.com.pk ’s engine. It’s running Community Server now. The known problems of this transition are listed below. Temporarily work-around also listed. If you dislike the given solution, or find anything new, please let us know.


Please note; this is a community service, we are working on this project voluntarily; we might not be in position to sort out the issue immediately; but we will try our best to get them done as soon as possible.


  1. Not all the users could be imported into new platforms. (Only three to be exact). If you are one of them, we encourage you to re-signup. If your previous weblog had some important content, let us know, we will import them into your newly signed-up weblog space.
  2. When you signup; you will not get a weblog space automatically. This issue will be resolved very soon. For the time being after signing up please inform us we will setup a weblog for you.
  3. Weblogs which were setup with certain skins; may not be working with Community Server, the reason being not all skins which were made available earlier are configured with new platform. We encourage such weblog owners to go ahead and explore currently available skins and choose the one you like most. We will continue to add more skins over the coming weeks.
  4. Photo Galleries couldn’t be imported; we have no plan to do so. However if you guys (and girls) demand; we will set it up again. Technically speaking, our ISP is not sponsoring anymore space; and this was taking too much space; that we simply cant afford currently J
  5. With Community Server, now we have option to offer Forums functionality, it comes pre-configured with it. If you think we should have this here; please inform us; we will be glad to enable it.
Published Sunday, May 08, 2005 5:37 PM by weblogs



jahil said:

Khurram Bahi,

It's nice to see that weblogs.com.pk is going to the right direction. I hope weblogs.com.pk blogger and community will appreciate your gr8 work.

Thanks again good luck

Masood Ahmad Shah
May 9, 2005 9:38 AM

fahad said:

Great work and thanks for the effort!
May 9, 2005 12:02 PM
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