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weblogs.com.pk :: Future Direction :: Need Feedback

Firstly; a disclaimer that weblogs.com.pk contents are not moderated; the whole idea of weblogs.com.pk in specific is to provide a platform to express personalized thoughts and experiences.

fakeGeek has posted about adding more features into weblogs.com.pk; and I have mixed opinions; as a care taker of this site; and as an individual.

As a care taker; my answer is yes and no. Yes; we should add those features; if community wants to. No; as many of those doesn’t make scene on weblogs.com.pk scene; as this site is all about weblogging; earlier when we switched our backend engine from .Text to Community Server (CS); I offered to provide forums section here; as its there out of the box in CS; but a member made a strong point; that there are many forums services already available; let the community get used to weblogs. There are always two kinds of enhancements; generalization and abstraction; my opinion is that we should do “generalization” enhancements to this site; that brings more value to weblogging experience.

As an individual; yes; we should do all kind of fun stuff which ever is possible; regardless that it makes any sense or not; who cares </smile>

Lastly; let me clear one more thing; I am open to all suggestions; I even don’t mind donating this whole site to the community; I never felt the ownership of this site; I even never disclosed it. This site is owned by each one of you who posts on this site; and who visited this site or read its RSS feeds. With this; let me make an interesting announcement; bold and clear; if you think; we should make this site open to any contributor; speak up now. We will make all the necessary arrangements.

Happy weblogging
Khurram Aziz

Published Tuesday, October 25, 2005 11:23 PM by khurram



developer said:

I personally believe that webloging is all about sharing your ideas with the community. Of course there could be many other options for the bloggers but i wont use any of them, i dont have time to learn new UIs for none.

Thank you for providing such a great blog site. I would recommend not to open the site to anyother. People usually hate to take responsibilities.
Happy Eid.
October 26, 2005 12:13 AM

fakeGeek said:

> People usually hate to take responsibilities.
So people wouldn't become parents. They would hate to have kids. They would not do jobs. Open source wouldn't have existed. Nobody could have thought about things great things like Linux, freeBSD, Unix, BitTorrent, emule, Kaaza and i have even lost the count. People would rather like to rent a place on mars. That just does not make any sense to me.No offense at all..I stress...at all, just my 2 cents :-)
I respectfully disagree with following
> as many of those doesn’t make scene on weblogs.com.pk scene;
>as this site is all about weblogging
Forum is way different thing to include in a weblogs. Forums would have been a *physical* and omnipresent feature that everybody had to use, if you know what i mean?
Features i was talking about are more specific. Its totally upto anyone to use task , reminders and etc. They would not be *forced* into it and allow me to say this makes a big difference in software world again if you know what i mean?
Microsoft has provided you with Media Player and Internet Explorer alongwith Windows, you like it you use it. If you don't, download and use some other one. This is what im talking about, once again if you know what i mean :-)
I am not educating merits and demerits of opening it to community. Its totally your decision. I guess a better way would be to let people pay if they want and build on it. You see, fahad has just showed his consent. There would be others along the way.
Anyways whatever said above could be a fat piece of *** to you. Who cares :-)....Remember software features are not features because your customers want it ( some of them are ), you see features that belong to your vision or whatever appeals to you. Had this been true , we all would have seeen very awful and messy softwares around us. Again if you know what i mean:-)
October 26, 2005 6:14 AM

fahad said:

me = sleepy sleepy ...
October 26, 2005 8:51 PM
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