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Proud to be Pakistanis!

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    To keep your weblog protected from Spammers; please use this recommended settings


  • Technorati

    To claim the weblog at http://technorati.com; one needs to add "<script>" tags; earlier using this tag was prohibited; but now this restriction is removed...

    Still To Do

    • Friendlier weblog URLs
      • http://weblogs.com.pk/YourBlog
      • http://YourBlog.weblogs.com.pk
      • Technical Background
        • For the http://weblogs.com.pk/YourBlog to work; YourBlog folder should physically exists. Having many users the root folder get cluttered and managing site becomes harder. I am trying to motivate my web hoster to provide us special services required to rewrite URLs without creating physical folders...
    • SMS Alerts
      • Few Workarounds
        • All weblogs/posts/forums have email and RSS/Atom subscriptions; one may give his mobile email address (Many carieers support this). There are also few RSS/Atom to SMS services that may be used. (Even leading services like Yahoo! and MSN offering such services)
        • http://squeet.com offers RSS/Atom to Email service; one may setup a mailbox to receive these emails and then check this mailbox from mobile (using GPRS/WAP or built in Email clients)
  • weblogs.com.pk :: Future Direction :: Need Feedback

    Firstly; a disclaimer that weblogs.com.pk contents are not moderated; the whole idea of weblogs.com.pk in specific is to provide a platform to express personalized thoughts and experiences.

    fakeGeek has posted about adding more features into weblogs.com.pk; and I have mixed opinions; as a care taker of this site; and as an individual.

    As a care taker; my answer is yes and no. Yes; we should add those features; if community wants to. No; as many of those doesn’t make scene on weblogs.com.pk scene; as this site is all about weblogging; earlier when we switched our backend engine from .Text to Community Server (CS); I offered to provide forums section here; as its there out of the box in CS; but a member made a strong point; that there are many forums services already available; let the community get used to weblogs. There are always two kinds of enhancements; generalization and abstraction; my opinion is that we should do “generalization” enhancements to this site; that brings more value to weblogging experience.

    As an individual; yes; we should do all kind of fun stuff which ever is possible; regardless that it makes any sense or not; who cares </smile>

    Lastly; let me clear one more thing; I am open to all suggestions; I even don’t mind donating this whole site to the community; I never felt the ownership of this site; I even never disclosed it. This site is owned by each one of you who posts on this site; and who visited this site or read its RSS feeds. With this; let me make an interesting announcement; bold and clear; if you think; we should make this site open to any contributor; speak up now. We will make all the necessary arrangements.

    Happy weblogging
    Khurram Aziz

  • New Blogs Skins

    Courtesy Fahad; we have added three new skins...

    We are open to any enhancements you wish...Keep us posting. (Edited <smile/>)

    - Khurram Aziz

  • Community Server v1.1

    There is one bad news, and one good news.

    The bad part is that my brother who used to manage this site has informed that he will no longer be doing this due to his busy schedules while completing his final year project and final semester papers. He has plans to move back to Faisalabad with parents. Now I am supposed to manage this site and I will try my best to give required time so that you all have the best blogging experience around.

    The good part is, that as I am suppose to manage this site, so for last few days I have been busy establishing certain things to ease my self by formalizing the operations. Once that was done, I thought to give Community Server v.1.1 a try, and today I have upgraded the backend engine of the site to v1.1

    I am open for comments, feedback and suggestions. You can always reach whoever is administrating this site via email, team@weblogs.com.pk or at http://weblogs.com.pk/weblogs/contact.aspx

    - Khurram Aziz

  • weblogs.com.pk Updates

    First of all; we thank our webloggers for their continuous support.
    We are glad to have a pretty nice momentum; which we didn’t expect.

    To continue to provide you the best weblogging experience; we are planning to upgrade our weblogs.com.pk backend engine from CommunityServer 1.0 to 1.1. And we are not stopping there; we will be adding couple of skins as well. And best of all; Photo Galleries will be back (hopefully; no promises, we are in touch with our hosting provider to give us more space and in return we will host their advertisements)

    We assure there will be minimal downtime. Thanks to our hoster; we have a separate account available to beta-test our transition. We will start doing our transition early next week.

    Lastly; we are committed to provide you the best weblogging experience; with no strings attached :)

    Suggestions are always welcomed. Please contact us.

  • Community Server Updates :: 2005-05-09

    1-     We have made changes; each new signup will automatically get the personalized weblog space. Community Server supports that one account can manage multiple weblogs; ideal for scenarios like team weblog; project weblog; friends and family weblogs etc If you want such shared weblog; let us know.

    2-     We looked Forums feature; but setting it up with our current weblogs.com.pk configuration will take some time. So this is postponed, we will re-look it in summer vacations!

    3-     By default Anonymous Comments are off; for this reason; those visitors of your weblogs who don’t have weblogs.com.pk account may not be able to comment. To turn on Anonymous Comment, login; go to weblog management and there enable anonymous comments. If you need any assistance, drop us a note. We have also integrated CAPTCHA; which will make sure that anonymous comments are being posted by human beings, you will be safe from comment spam.


    Still; many things to do; here are few planned work items that we will be doing in days to come. These are listed for everyone’s reference.


    1-     Change look of main page; we wish to have it greenish look

    2-     Hide links to those features which are not enabled eg Galleries in Administration view

    3-     Find more skins and make them available

  • Weblog Engine Is Updated To Community Server

    Today; we have updated the http://weblogs.com.pk ’s engine. It’s running Community Server now. The known problems of this transition are listed below. Temporarily work-around also listed. If you dislike the given solution, or find anything new, please let us know.


    Please note; this is a community service, we are working on this project voluntarily; we might not be in position to sort out the issue immediately; but we will try our best to get them done as soon as possible.


    1. Not all the users could be imported into new platforms. (Only three to be exact). If you are one of them, we encourage you to re-signup. If your previous weblog had some important content, let us know, we will import them into your newly signed-up weblog space.
    2. When you signup; you will not get a weblog space automatically. This issue will be resolved very soon. For the time being after signing up please inform us we will setup a weblog for you.
    3. Weblogs which were setup with certain skins; may not be working with Community Server, the reason being not all skins which were made available earlier are configured with new platform. We encourage such weblog owners to go ahead and explore currently available skins and choose the one you like most. We will continue to add more skins over the coming weeks.
    4. Photo Galleries couldn’t be imported; we have no plan to do so. However if you guys (and girls) demand; we will set it up again. Technically speaking, our ISP is not sponsoring anymore space; and this was taking too much space; that we simply cant afford currently J
    5. With Community Server, now we have option to offer Forums functionality, it comes pre-configured with it. If you think we should have this here; please inform us; we will be glad to enable it.
  • Upgrading Weblogs Engine

    We are planning to upgrade http://weblogs.com.pk engine from .TEXT 0.95 to Community Server 1.0 (CS 1.0)


    These are the barriers we are facing at the moment


    1. Importing existing content to CS 1.0
    2. Subscriber’s weblog address will change from http://weblogs.com.pk/someuser to http://weblogs.com.pk/blogs/someuser
    3. Extending Signup functionality so that each signup is given personalized weblog space.


    We will keep you posted about the updates of this endeavor.

  • Weblogs.com.pk Updates: Controlling Comment Spam

    We have implemented Challenge/Response based comment spam control system. Thanks to OfficeZealot and CAPTCHA

    If members are still facing any “spam” problems, please drop your comments/feedbacks to this post.

  • We are hosting 100+ weblogs

    We have reached 100 marks! We are happy to host these 100+ weblogs, and looking forward for many more. Right now, we have the following figures:


    • 36% accounts participated
    • 2.67 posts per weblog
    • 0.91 articles per weblog
    • 0.65 comments per post

    We guess, these figures are not that bad!


    Help us spread the words, http://weblogs.com.pk will remain the free weblog hosting provider for the people from Pakistan.

  • The advertisement!

    The advertisement you guys are seeing on the site, is part of banner exchange program we mentioned earlier, to promote this site and create awareness!


    We are not over exaggerated, and have plans to keep this thing going, with positive consensus of community building.


    This is posted just to clear miss-understandings we have felt seeing Fahad’s post.

  • Banner Exchange Program

    To promote this site, we have arranged to show our site's banner at different sites.

    If anyone of you is managing any website and can show our banner, please contact us. We can make banner exchange deals.

  • Backend Engine Is Updated To .Text 0.95.2004.102

    WebLogs.com.pk’s backend engine is updated to .Text 0.95.2004.102
    Images are uploading fine now.

    For any complaints, suggestions, problems and feedback, feel free to contact us at team@weblogs.com.pk

  • Show Your WebLogs On Your Website(s)

    If you want to show your weblogs on your website(s), we encourage you to use RSS Feed, the server side control for Asp.Net using which you can easily bind to the RSS feeds available at http://weblogs.com.pk

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