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Adnan Siddiqi

Lets get technical


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Ubuntu Chaparh Ghanchoo

Linux and easiness, this is something which is hardly believed. I have used Redhat distro a lot in past and have tried all versions from RH4 to RH 9.0. RedHat was supposed to very easy to install distro. The RPM method of installation package was very much similar to Windows Installer but still sometimes I faced to install few packages easily and I had no choice other than installing tar balls.

 After upgrading my system in 2004, I didn't try Linux again and relied on XP installation which was done by PC guy. There was no special reason. I got busy enough in my web related stuff that I never got time to play with Linux. I am still dreaming for Dreamweaver like IDE under linux which could provide cool WYSIWYG feature along with code management and intellisense.  Someone might say, "Be a Man ad use eMacs or vi". Ok I do loved both vi and eMacs and emacs is just plain awesome with infinite features but if Windows provide you easy to use environment then it also ruin your development skills by provide GUI based editors. I don't hate them because they do save a lot of time but it's also true that you get no idea what kinda code is being generated. By the way, how many of you use command line tools for C# solution compilation?


Few month back, I ordered free cd of Ubuntu 7.x CD. I heard about Ubuntu distro from my friend Abbas Halai who had divorced Windows back in 2005/06 then later my friend Awab also started using Ubuntu. When I saw that a doctor using Linux and running DSL Internet then it made me curious that was that Ubuntu distro really so easy that even non-technical people could install and  use it? As I said, I never got chance to use linux again after 2003 and relied most of the time on Windows.

I just installed Ubuntu 7.x in VMware and it installed without any pain. I can't believe that a Linux distro could be so easy to install. I didn't have to configure my network settings. It automatically grabbed my wireless router settings via VMware. I am easily able to update entire system via different utilities. Since Ubuntu is based on Debian distro so any debian package(*.deb) is easily installable. The default installation has not installed server products like Apache or development tools like QT etc because a desktop user don't need it at all. You just add your desire repository and just selected your desired package and leave it upto installer to install dependencies.

I am just trying to figure it out more. I would sure advise you to try it once. If you are  hesitating to play with your hard disk and can't remove partition then not a big deal, you can install Ubuntu on both VmWare or in Microsoft Virtual PC. I hope so that in coming days I would be able to explore it more.


Posted: Sunday, August 19, 2007 1:04 AM by kadnan
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