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Generics in Javascript 2.x, evolution of Javascript

Many of you would have used Generics in .NET or Java. It's a pretty cool feature, reminds me days when I was struggling to figure out C++ templates. Since Javascript has been evolving a lot in Web 2.0 world, there is a continuous change in future Javascript.

Dion shared an interesting piece on AJAXian which he called generics in Javscript. Me and many others protested against such complicated changes in future versions of JS. Brendan Eich, the creator of Javascript was kind enough to answer few queries of mine and explained the purpose of such evolution.

I actually had two concerns, one was totally incompatibility with IE's JScript which is not going to get evolved and making JS more beneficial for library developers than ordinary developers or even for designers. 


Regarding IE's seperate path, Brendan categorically replied:


ES4 is a compatible superset. There’s no reason for two engines and it’s an explicit goal not to require one for ES3 and one for ES4. Opera, Adobe, and Mozilla at least can’t tolerate that footprint and complexity hit and it’s not going to happen.


And I agree with him 100%. Regarding the evolution in JS, Brendan again had a valid point:


There are choices: C# in Silverlight, AS3 in Flex/Flash… JS is not competing by imitiation with those languages, but it is in the same “field of force”, subject to Darwinian competition.


Fair enough. It's all about competition and on basis of this point I agree that JS should be evolved but on other hand I am concerned about those who are not programmers and use JS for their static pages, if things would go so complex then it would be hard for them to use JS themselves and they would have to be dependant on JS developers. 

Read entire discussion and comments by others here as I have demanded few other things in JS. Let's see what Brendan says. :-)

Posted: Thursday, March 06, 2008 12:20 AM by kadnan
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nasir said:

thanks for share adnan...

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