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Adnan Siddiqi

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Javascript compression made easy
Now you don't have to compress all included files separately.From Brian Moschel's blog: Include makes it simple to include and compress JavaScript files no matter how complex the dependencies. Focus on organization with logically separated JavaScript Read More...
How to write a Javascript Library
John Resig, the creator of jQuery giving a lecture of writing a good Javascript library to googlers. A must see video for those who are interested to become a serious Javascript programmar. He also revealed new FireFox extension library FUEL for 3.x versions Read More...
Y!Slow- Not so Slow
Yahoo Developers have come up with a tool to check the performance of your website. A good attempt though it doesn't sound much useful when it gets integrated with FireBug because most of the things are already being checked by Firebug but the interesting Read More...
Faster Page Loads With Image Concatenation
Intresting technique, though I might not agree with him unless I try myself. It does save few server roundtrips which are wasted to download images. Read further here . Read More...
7/7/2007: A day without Javascript
This is something which sounds very weird in the era where we are used to hear terms like AJAX,Web 2.0 and Mashups. An attempt is being made to celebrate a day using/making applications without Javascript. If yo are with these guys and willing to celebrate Read More...