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Rotor :: Visual Studio

Open source stuff is great, even for us the “application developers”. Imagine you want something desperately in the base framework that doesn’t exists there; with source at your disposal you can always change the things as per your taste. Okay; this might not be a good scenario; what about you are doing or want to do something and wishes that you can peek into the framework code so that you get the understanding how you might get control of the things. Well believe it or not; I found this approach pretty useful when I wanted to add something into SharpHSQL some time ago.

So I strongly recommend that you get the Mono and Rotor’s source codes and keep them accessible. If you like to browse the Rotor’s code inside the visual studio; check this post; you will find the VS 2005 project that you can use for that.

For those who dont know Mono or Rotor; Mono provides the open source version of software to develop and run .NET client & server applications on Unix, OS X and Window. Rotor is a working implementation of ECMA CLI and ECMA C# specification from Microsoft. Legally you can only review Rotor code for learning and cannt change the code without M$ approval; however one is free to use Mono instead for such endeavours!

Published Friday, June 09, 2006 1:50 AM by khurram
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