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Visual Studio 2008 - Project Compatability

As per my planned exploration around Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2; here are my notes…


LinqDataSource is a brand new data source with ASP.NET 3.5; with this; you basically can use LINQ based context classes as data source providers and your ASP.NET data controls; like Grids, Formviews can be bound to this LinqDataSource. I posted about Dan Wahlin video that shows this control in action. Its simply amazing.

ASP.NET v3.5 Deployment 

Just a short note about deployment; you can think of .NET 3.5 as an “add-on” to .NET 2.0; its installation doesn’t create any new folder under %Windows%\Microsoft.NET\Framework; instead it continue to use the older stuff for ISAPI filters etc; however it does installs brand new assemblies in Global Assembly Cache. I guess; we don’t need to create separate Application Pools in IIS6.

Project Compatibility

As Visual Studio 2008; supports multi targeting; as explained by Scott Guthrie; we can do some steps to so that projects remain open-able from previous version of Visual Studio. This is explained here; In short, we basically need two Solution files (SLN); one for 2008 and the other for 2005; as their formats are different across the Visual Studio versions; however the project files in the solution (csproj, vbproj etc) remains open-able.

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Friday, August 03, 2007 10:45 AM by khurram

Also see http://www.west-wind.com/weblog/posts/122975.aspx, Rick Strahl has posted some pictures and more details as well.

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