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Business Case of .NET 3.5 for "Windows Client"?

Few months back I started working with Windows Forms. That work involved some backend integration with multiple platforms, I used SSH for systems running on Unix like operating systems. Based on that work I got engaged in another Windows Forms based assignment. It has been very interesting endeavor which involved web services, Mono, Ssh, Telnet, VT100 emulation, Perl, mySQL, ASP.NET and Windows Forms / Microsoft Reporting based front end. I have uploaded almost 100 builds of this assignment and thanks to ClickOnce, things have got evolved into quite an interesting package.

Thanks to a friend of mine, recently I have migrated to Visual Studio 2008, and today I have uploaded the first .NET 3.5 based Windows Forms Client. The server side was migrated transparently few days ago. Bad thing is .NET 3.5 is not supported on Windows 2000 and plain Windows XP (you need XPSP2). Another bad impression was caused due to long .NET 3.5 installation time. Now I am looking around to have something implemented with these new runtimes to justify the pain its users are going through! WPF might be a natural pick but then I cant upgrade any key component right away due to the fact that many users are using low to mid range workstations and this software is run all the time and they interact with it quite often.

Why would you use .NET 3.5? What’s its business case in your eyes?

Published Tuesday, December 04, 2007 10:07 PM by khurram
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