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Setting boot-up OS (Windows Vista / XP)

If you have installed Windows Vista and Windows XP both on single machine you must have noticed that Windows Vista has a new boot loader and doestnt use NTLDR/BOOT.INI. I access my machine sometime over Remote Desktop and recently I wanted to specify the default boot order from the command prompt so that on restart I can remote desktop another installation.

From Windows XP
Navigate (cd) to Windows Vista’ Windows\System32 and issue >bcdedit to know the identifier of installed OS. Note the OS guid and then issue >bcdedit /default {guid}

From Windows Vista
First open up the command prompt under Administrator account using >runas /user:Administrator. From there issue >bcdedit and >bcdedit /default
  • If "Run" is missing from Vista's Start Menu, right click the taskbar, choose Properties, from "Start Menu" > "Customize", check "Run Command"
  • >shutdown –r can be used to restart the Windows (both XP and Vista)

Published Tuesday, December 04, 2007 10:54 PM by khurram


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