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Lightening and Machine

Last Saturday I was off for the weekend but my machine and few other devices were on. (I occasionally remote desktop my machine if I come across with some nice idea during my off times). We had a lightening that day and it damaged many devices in our lan, including my machine's power supply and its motherboard. My machine is multi-home, its one interface was connected to office lan and other to the core...I use the office lan interface to test/simulate lan users...office lan is bit messey and not very well protected against such things...I had to pay the price for connecting my machine to that lan :(

I had dual boot and after replacing motherboard had to repair XP as it was giving blue screen error (even in safe mode)...its still not being setup properly...but Vista is back and working great...I had to boot Vista into Safe mode, uninstalled all the devices, including hidden one. Read this to know how to show the hidden devices in device manager. After installing new motherboard's drivers things started working great...

I screwed few folders while repairing XP; Internet Explorer and other few apps were not working, but using ">sfc /scannow" fixed it...Its really a great addition to Windows!

Published Tuesday, April 08, 2008 2:11 PM by khurram


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