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Visual Studio Team System - Sharepoint

I have been using Visual Studio Team System for a while now, and its really a cool set of tools to use. Brian posted about the Preview of The next TFS Power Tools few days back...Great work and thanks to Brian for keeping us updated!

I think Sharepoint has enough juice and potential as the central documentation place for development teams..and I think the integration with Sharepoint is still weak...there can be multiple scenarios where it can be further improved like...

  • Converting a SP list item to TFS Work item...so that people can discuss the requirements over the sharepoint list (forums maybe) and when it shape up, some option to convert it to TFS Work item...and TFS Work Item History gets posted back to Sharepoint so that other non TFS users can see the updates
  • Microsoft acquired TeamPlain and offered it as a free power tool, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Web Access...Merge the The Team System Web Access with project' Sharepoint site...i-e no seperate URLs..people can logon to sharepoint project site and can manage/update work items from the same sharepoint project site!
Published Monday, October 06, 2008 5:18 PM by khurram
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