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Sharepoint / ASP.NET v2 / Smart Part :: Required permissions cannot be acquired

Today I updated few internal Sharepoint based applications to ASP.NET v2 . Before using ASP.NET v2 with Sharepoint; you need to install Service Pack 2 of Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS). I was using SmartPart to use ASCX based user controls in Sharepoint.

Running ASP.NET v1.1 and v2 sites side by side

IIS6 features multiple application pools; an application pool is basically a process that handles the web requests. These application; also loads the runtimes and script engines to server dynamic content; like ASP, PHP, Microsoft.NET for ASP.NET and so
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HttpException :: Unable to validate data

If you are receiving HttpExceptions in your ASP.NET applications on postbacks; saying, Unable to validate data , you may try setting enableViewStateMac to true. You can do so at page level or for entire site in web.config. <configuration> <system.web>
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Use Apache and Microsoft.NET v1.1 to Host Asp.Net Applications

Use Apache and Microsoft.NET v1.1 to host Asp.Net applications. mod_aspdotnet Apache HTTP Server 2.0 Module mod_aspdotnet is an ASP.NET host interface to Microsoft's ASP.NET engine. It is implemented with an Apache.Web.dll assembly that provides ASP.NET
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NAT :: SQL :: Sharepoint

Last evening, I wanted to configure a box for multi-purpose. I am writing down the problems and their work-around that I faced J Networking :: NAT Network Address Translation (NAT) is useful to let people on private subnet to access the other subnets.

Http.sys &amp; Microsoft .NET v2

HTTP has gained an industry wide recognition in past 10 years. Windows 2003 and Windows XP Service Pack 2 now feature HTTP.sys, a kernel level HTTP stack. You can use this to create server applications that use HTTP. Aaron Skonnard is explaining how to

Protect your web-applications from ASP.NET vulnerability

ASP.NET has a vulnerability exploiting which one can bypass the Asp.Net authentication features. To protect your site use the following code in your Global.asax.cs void Application_BeginRequest(object source, EventArgs e) { if ( Request.Path.IndexOf('\\')