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I am stuck in pushing a project to its “end” this month…still few more steps to do..but we are seeing the end! I had a feeling that I am giving the most and doing the kind of work which I am not supposed to do…I wanted to confirm it statistically..so

Team Foundation Server Power Tools – Windows Shell Extension

With Windows Shell Extension (Oct 2008) in Team Foundation Server Power Tools , you can interact with TFS Source Control directly from Windows Explorer! Its great for non Visual Studio users like designers who need to work with TFS Source Control. While

Visual Studio - Solution Configurations and Tasks

You can have multiple configurations for the given Visual Studio Solution. Similarly projects in the solution can have multiple configurations, and you map them to particular solution configuration. With project's different configuration, you can setup


If you are using Visual Studio with Team Foundation Server; Annotation is the new feature in Orcas; simply right click the source and choose Annotation from Source Control menu. Its SubVersion' Blame like feature with which you basically get the info

Introducing MyMSBuildTasks.SqlDataSourceTask

ASP.NET v2’s SqlDataSource is great; but for small apps or while doing prototyping / inception. It starts creating problem in later stages of mid to big level projects. In such cases; we might want that with each release; all SqlDataSources being used

Securing SubVersion Repository configured to use Windows Authentication

I recently needed to secure the SubVersion repository. I am using SubVersion with Apache on Windows; configured to use Active Directory for user authentication [1, 2]. The interesting thing I found out that setting up ACL you ends up with a system which
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Naming Convention

I have often observed, that software developers and architects in small to medium teams don’t care much about naming conventions, which ends up creating lot of confusion among team members during development and testing but also increase maintenance cost.

SubVersion: Quick-start resources

Subversion is one of the best source control system around. The new version of Subversion now features data-storage other than BerkleyDB. It even now support OS file system (Like SourceSafe) as its data-store. Third release candidate of Subversion 1.1

Source Code Control Plug-ins for Visual Studio

This post lists Visual Studio Source Code Control (SCC) plug-ins. Visual Source Safe is shipped with Visual Studio SCC plug-in Vault is shipped with Visual Studio SCC plug-in Subway is SCC plug-in for Subversion Igloo is SCC plug-in for CVS GotDotNet

Classification of Source Code Control Systems

This post is in the continuation of the Source Code Control (SCC) Systems discussion. I already have talked about Subversion (my all time favorite) here and CVS (one of the most used system) here . SCC systems are (generally) server/client applications.


Source Control systems are important in modern software engineering. Concurrent Version Control (CVS) is one of the most popular source control platform. CVSNT is the obvious choice for CVS Server on Windows. TortiseCVS is a nice Windows Explorer add-on

SubVersion v1.0.3

In case you are using SubVersion as your version control server, you should upgrade to v1.0.3 that fixes the buffer overflow bug. The bug can be exploited for denial of service attacks and arbitrary code execution. Here is another important piece of information

Running SubVersion With Apache On Windows

Source Controls are important in iteration based software development. They can even be used for personal use, and can be handy to see what changes were made in past, or to recover old version of files in case something has gone tremendously wrong. Microsoft’s