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Dotnet Core :: PostgreSQL

Dotnet Core Series Dotnet Core Redis Clients -- ASP.NET Core Docker Registry Jenkins This Post Given, Dotnet Core can run on Linux; and in the series we have been exploring different aspects of having a Microservice based Containerized Dotnet Core application

Real-world Entity Framework :: Generating Entities from Existing Database

Code First workflow is cool; but in real world; you don’t start from scratch every day! For such new cool things; often; you have to create space in existing projects and solutions. With Entity Framework 6; you can mix Code First’ DbContext and Model

Real-world Entity Framework :: Mixing DbContext and ObjectContext

Entity Framework 4 had the POCO (Plain Old CLR/C# Object) support; but it was almost non usable. Things kept improving; there was once POCO T4 template ( its walkthrough from ADO.NET team ) to generate POCOs from EDMX model. With different 4.x releases

Real-world Entity Framework :: Connection Strings

Entity Framework is nice addition to .NET developer toolbox; but like most of the things there are some tricks in using it in real-world. The first hurdle that I guess most of us face; having multiple models; but pointing to same database. The Visual

Entity Framework 4.x

Recently; got a chance to work on an old EF4/MVC3 app. The only constraint was to keep things in Visual Studio 2010 and deployable to IIS6/.NET4/SQL2005 etc. We decided to upgrade the project to the latest and greatest! We chalked out the features that