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  • My new blog

    Hello everyone, Hope all of you doing fine. My last post on blog was about 5 years back, since then I haven't blogged but lately I've started a&nbsp;developer&nbsp;blog again.&nbsp; &nbsp;Here is my new blog address http://DreamSongs.se This is going to be the final last post here on weblogs.com.pk.
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on July 29, 2011
  • re: SmartTabs V 2.0

    Khurram, I believe iI mistakenly removed your comments :). I've been getting 20 to 30 spams comments daily so today I &nbsp;deleted most of them and your comments went away with them. Anyway, There is no standar asp.net control which could be used as AJAX tab control. You can't pull data from other pages wihout a postback or iframe. Recent ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on January 30, 2007
  • re: Hello World

    Welcome to *real* world ;)
    Posted to ArchitectualInsight (Weblog) by developer on January 25, 2007
  • SmartTabs V 2.0

    I guess you guys already know about SmartTabs&nbsp;(an asp.net control to render tabs and making out-of-band requests to get data from server). &nbsp; Couple of days back I had to do this again for&nbsp;an asp.net 2.0 site. So I ported this to 2.0. The new control uses asp.net's new Web Resources model for JS and Images. The full source code and ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on January 25, 2007
  • Happy New Year

    Courtesy of Dur Happy New Year to all community members. I'm back again :)
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on December 29, 2006
  • Love for all

    Posted to developer (Gallery) by developer on December 29, 2006
  • World Hold On ...

    Bob Sinclar's World hold on is one of my favorite songs.&nbsp;You can see this great video here.&nbsp;
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on October 8, 2006
  • re: Thats Our Life!

    Well i really really didnt like this sort of life and was almost going to quit *job* *job* and *job* routine untill a faithfull day when I saw the movie Jerry Maguire. In the movie once Jerry's (Tom cruise) mentor told him that &quot;Everyday, I love to be get up early in the morning and say to myself!! THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY&quot;. And ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by developer on September 24, 2006
  • Happy birthday to Me

    I'm turning to 25 next week. Instead of celebrating, I'm worried about how fast days and years are passing? My latest headshot &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on August 22, 2006
  • Khurram

    Posted to developer (Gallery) by developer on August 22, 2006
  • re: SmartTabs: Yet another smart control in town

    Deb, Just try to run sample application provided with the SmartTabs and it'll work. I'm not sure at which stage you're getting this error. I download the sample on aonther pc and it works well. If you continue experiencing this error, please let me know with a snapshot of complete error screen.
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on August 21, 2006
  • Management Methods

    I couldn't stop myself to&nbsp;blog about&nbsp;this great link. Joel Spolsky have been writing about Software Development for looong. The latest article is on Management Methods and definitely not only for developers but&nbsp;for everyone who manage teams. I compiled this three part&nbsp;series article and attached with this post, download and ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on August 21, 2006
  • re: Oracle Financial? Team System over Internet!

    Well!!! for the cell! I DEGRADED my cell from Siemens to Nokia 1110. And its awesome. :) Nokia 1110 is the most simple, inexpensive and decent set in the market with no fency colors, flips, etc. I felt it stylish to sale a 12000 cell and buy a 3000 :) BTW I have some times these days and we cant start SilverBullets, Please let me know how can I ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by developer on July 6, 2006
  • SmartTabs: Yet another smart control in town

    this weekend, after watching the dismissal of Argentine, UK and Brazil, I put off TV and then decided to re-test my abilities in writing server controls. After couple of minutes of thinking what to write, I got an idea to write an ajax enabled Tabs rendering control. So SmartTabs came into existence. Its an easy to use asp.net server control to ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on July 2, 2006
  • SmartTab demo

    Posted to developer (Gallery) by developer on July 2, 2006
  • re: Atlas June CTP released

    The problem is we've plenty of browsers and each one is from different vendors. Its practically too hard to come up with a solution that can be fit to all. I believe Google Web Toolkit and Script # will solve some problems.
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on July 1, 2006
  • Atlas June CTP released

    Atlas June CTP is out and can be downloaded here. For folks who are using AJAX in asp.net&nbsp;apps Atlas is definitely cool. Atlas is not only just an AJAX framework its an end-to-end framework for developing richer web apps according to microsoft. You can have OOP javascript and you can have typesafe classes too. There is much more in the Atlas. ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on June 30, 2006
  • re: Migrating to .NET?

    I agree the .NET is dominating, not for small apps but for the enterprize apps too. I wont give you links beacuse you can find it all over the net. Right now .NET shares 55 to 60% of worlds' enterprize market. I'm sure whatever you show to &nbsp;&quot;Java Religion&quot; they simply dont accept the reality. I started my career as a JAVA lover but ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by developer on June 29, 2006
  • Microsoft is gonna be retired

    At last I confirmed the rumor that Bill Gates&nbsp;is going to reduce his contributions to Microsoft. He is going to&nbsp;transfer his&nbsp;title Cheif Software Architect to Ray Ozzie&nbsp;, a&nbsp;guy&nbsp;acquired two years back as CTO Microsoft with his Groove Networks. I was wondering why Bill hire Ozzie as he could even easily hire Steve ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on June 16, 2006
  • Re: Microsoft Press - Working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System 200510.chm

    Oh I re-downloaded and its opened now. Thank you for such a great book.
    Posted to khurram (FileGallery) by developer on June 7, 2006
  • Re: Microsoft Press - Working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System 200510.chm

    I downloaded the file but it contains nothing. Please upload a fresh copy. And let me know how can i upload files as I couldn't do this.
    Posted to khurram (FileGallery) by developer on June 7, 2006
  • re: 400+ Differences

    Can you please give me a copy of Team System and Windows Server 2003 with genuine Key? I've Win Serv 2003 but it couldnt allow me to install Visual Studio 2005 due to a pirated copy. So I had to use Win XP for my development and can't install Team System on it. &nbsp;
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by developer on June 7, 2006
  • A poorly documented features of User Controls

    Check this out. I wonder why didnt I explore&nbsp;this previously untill Scott Gu pointed us out. A really nice feature every asp.net developer wanna have in user controls.
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on June 7, 2006
  • Object o = null;

    This is just a null entry to keep my log active :) Stay tune
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on June 5, 2006
  • re: Test

    Test completed successfully. Welcome to Real World!!! ;)
    Posted to Sohail (Weblog) by developer on May 29, 2006
  • re: Muhammad Ibrahim

    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by developer on May 25, 2006
  • Hello again!

    Hello folks! The bad news is that&nbsp;I didnt know why I had&nbsp;been away from weblogs for long but the good news is that&nbsp;I'm back :)Besides of official projects I've been into deep learning since last two months and have explored almost all&nbsp;freely available javascript, ajax libraries&nbsp;from Prototype to Atlas. After doing ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on May 25, 2006
  • Re: Excel Like Editing

    Hi;I came to weblogs after a long time, saw your post and thought to put something. Well! I believe its actually hard to find a free exactly excel type AJAX enabled component.&nbsp;You can download and use http://trimpath.com/project/wiki/TrimSpreadsheet&nbsp;a&nbsp;totally&nbsp;java script enabled spreadsheet. All work would be done at client ...
    Posted to Microsoft .NET (Forum) by developer on April 30, 2006
  • Re: Excel Like Editing

    Hi;I came to weblogs after a long time, saw your post and thought to put something. Well! I believe its actually hard to find a free exactly excel type AJAX enabled component.&nbsp;You can download and use http://trimpath.com/project/wiki/TrimSpreadsheet&nbsp;a&nbsp;totally&nbsp;java script enabled spreadsheet. All work would be done at client ...
    Posted to Microsoft .NET (Forum) by developer on April 30, 2006
  • Goodbye Dubai, Microsoft GP Web, HTC ...

    Today is my last day at Dubai with Microsoft GPWeb, HTC and Dubai folks.&nbsp;I enjoyed my stay,&nbsp;did lot&nbsp;of&nbsp; *dirty programming* from store procedures to web services, lots of hang out, long useless conversations and&nbsp;many other unproductive activities.&nbsp;I learned&nbsp;great things for career point of view. Overall its a ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on March 29, 2006
  • re: .NET and Vista?

    Excellent post. Keep it up buddy.
    Posted to fakeGeek (Weblog) by developer on March 19, 2006
  • Thanks

    It's nice to see CS 2 running. I realy enjoy my session during the last post. Bundle of thanks&nbsp;to weblogs.com.pk team.
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on March 6, 2006
  • Back to Future

    Hello to all fellows. Its' been long to see you guys. I was busy like bee in lot of issues here in Dubai, I paid a trip to Pakistan last week but couldnt have chance to come online. Although everything seems smooth but I just resigned from this job and now coming back to Lahore by the end of month. I've analysed that Dubai is very good for hangout ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on March 6, 2006
  • Rang De Basanti

    To follow fakegeeks's post&nbsp;I went to Sharja Mega Mall&nbsp;last night and choosed&nbsp;Rang De Basanti from&nbsp;four or five recent releases.&nbsp;The Movie was great, cinema was great, the&nbsp;coke, the pop-corn everything was&nbsp;awesome and I added another wonderfull&nbsp;memory to my brain's&nbsp;storage cells.&nbsp;Its&nbsp;a movie ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on January 28, 2006
  • Swiss Miss Returns

    One of my favorit tennis player the Pricecss of WTA Martina Hingis returns back to tennis. She won many&nbsp;grand slams&nbsp;during 1997 to 2002 but suddenly left due to&nbsp;unkown reasons.&nbsp; Welcome back Hingis.
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on January 3, 2006
  • Software, Marketing & Economics

    I've been reading e Marketing for&nbsp;three months in my frees. I started reading it with a thought How People Sell Products? Specially how one can sell an invisible product like a piece of software using an invisible way like internet.&nbsp; And things likehow can we let others know that we've&nbsp;a product&nbsp;exactly suits your needs. During ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on January 2, 2006
  • re: Best of.....

    The year 2005 passed with lot of mistakes and lessons for the future. The book i liked most is The Third Culture (You can google the word to find its html copy) Booch's Architecture Blog has been my favorit for long. SharpHSql was the most usefull piece of software for me. The movie i watch before the end of year is ...
    Posted to fakeGeek (Weblog) by developer on January 1, 2006
  • Happy New Year

    Happy new year to all bloggers.
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on December 31, 2005
  • re: How to become as rich as Bill Gates and a rant :).....

    Realy a great reading. I believe Gates and MSFT is doing great things since its inception. Here is another great interview of Gates http://www.informationweek.com/shared/printableArticle.jhtml?articleID=174400413 And check the Nathan Myhrvold, another CTO at MSFT http://www.edge.org/digerati/myhrvold/
    Posted to fakeGeek (Weblog) by developer on December 29, 2005
  • re: Suggestion Needed...

    I would highly recommend to choose WBA. http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnlong/html/wpfandwbas.asp If you realy want use thin client and dont have a hosting just try out CASSINI (my favorite). Its version 2.0 is also on the road. See details here http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/03/01/CuttingEdge/
    Posted to #fahad (Weblog) by developer on December 28, 2005
  • re: PSK2 Goals

    I believe we're entering into next generation of web apps (web 2.0). So we'll have to change the way we design and develope our web apps. Atlas is not just so called Ajax but an end-to-end framework for developing next gen apps. Besides of just making out-of-band requests to server, it's a whole new world for developing *true* OOP based ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by developer on December 14, 2005
  • re: PSK2 Goals

    Good idea. I would suggest to see the design of http://www.commercestarterkit.org/ before start coding. It's much better designed than new portal kit. And also add Atlas http://atlas.asp.net to your hobby project. I bet you would love it. Download an atlas enabled wiki from http://msdn.microsoft.com/asp.net/info/future/atlas_wiki/ Atlas is realy ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by developer on December 14, 2005
  • Desert Safari

    Last friday i went out for Desert Safari with lot of other tourists arranged by North Tours. It's one of the most common hang out in UAE and&nbsp;one can go&nbsp;with a&nbsp;group of&nbsp;100 to 150 other men and women. These sort of groups are arranged and managed&nbsp;by the local&nbsp;companies.&nbsp;The trip starts with a very very rough drive ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on December 12, 2005
  • Atlas in action.

    See here, an excelent web 2.0 appliaction backed by Atlas and Asp 2.0.
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on December 4, 2005
  • Project *unknown* started

    This is my second day at Dubai office. I've assigned a project which has been in design and development phase since last two years. I'm supposed to work with some other people to complete the project on time. The project is a web &amp; mobile&nbsp;based workflow system backed by MS Great Plains. The product's architecture&nbsp;seems like Duwamish ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on December 1, 2005
  • Leaving Lahore

    This morning I got visa and air ticket to UAE (Dubai). I'm supposed to work with MSFT Duabi and with IP technologies as a Sr. Engineer. This would be a mega project and would take 1 year to complete.&nbsp; I'm a bit upset to leave lahore but excited too. I'll miss my late night sittings with my pals. I'll try to blog about Dubai and this ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on November 28, 2005
  • The Origins of Life

    I'm an avid reader and prefer to read a variety in my frees. Physics and Life sciences are&nbsp;the topics i've read a lot. Stephen Hawking and Raymond Kurzweil are my favorite writers. There is an excelent article on Life (and electronic life), i hope you people would love this article and would see this world with a new eye after reading this.
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on November 22, 2005
  • re: Demise of My Father

    Ina lilallahe wa in ilaihe rajeoon! May Allah bless his soul and give you patience.
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by developer on November 16, 2005
  • InventoryProvider for the Commerce starter kit

    In recent past, i posted about a nice asp 2.0&nbsp;starter kit. Today i found an Inventory Provider&nbsp;for this great work.&nbsp;Infact it's&nbsp;an excellent&nbsp; e-commerce application. &nbsp;
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on November 16, 2005
  • Live era of software

    Finally Microsoft announced to deliver MS Office as a service and could be accessed&nbsp;using browser and internet, instead of installing it on local hard disks. In&nbsp;future, we wont need to install MS office to get work on Powerpoint or Excel. People would access the office using a browser exactly like we're accessing Hotmail or Gmail. The ...
    Posted to About Software (Weblog) by developer on November 15, 2005
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