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  • Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Is anyone around has worked with Microsoft Dynamics GP product? (v10) I have an integration project and some basic training work to accountants / data entry operators and management folk for adoption (migrating from another such accounting/financial/mini-ERP product). Please contact me at khurram AT sharpcoders DOT net
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on September 25, 2009
  • .NET Code Generation

    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on October 21, 2008
  • Function Points :: .NET Projects

    Is anyone around using Software Metrics for estimating the project size and then at the end comparing it with actual? Recently at my work; we started using Function Points; and I am looking for secondary data of team performances of .NET projects? I am having 2.5FPs/Dev-Day of a project that had about 250FPs; it might not be very impressive ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 3, 2006
  • Transactions!

    Implementing transactions are tricky. It appears to be simple; but if you miss even a small thing; consequences can be REALLY bad. One such thing identified last night; in a system my team delivered few months back. Luckily; the loop hole was traced as someone wished all the golden eggs in a single go! I mentioned earlier about ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on February 19, 2006
  • Directory Services

    Every application has certain configuration information; most of the times; these configurations are hard-coded by their developers; but it’s a good idea to have that information in some external configurable place. We had been using INI files and Windows Registry to store that information; but then we have to hard-code the name and location ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on February 2, 2006
  • Characteristics of Good Portal Framework

    So what a good portal platform should provide you? Add new things and vote listed item on scale 0 (no need) to 10 (it will not be a portal platform if it does not have this) User Management System Security System Extendable Mobile Support Online help/documentation of portal platform[F] Community Support, Lots of controls/add-ons available ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on October 28, 2005
  • Using interfaces to pass configurations through tiers

    Most of the application needs set of configuration to work smoothly, e.g. database connection string. I am a big fan of using interfaces, one of the biggest advantages it of using them with modern compiler is that you will not be able to compile your code unless complete implementation of interface is provided. And this increase confidence and ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on September 12, 2005
  • Practical Use of Patterns

    Patterns are cool!   Here is one pattern that I have found very practical; especially in integration of UI-Business layers. This pattern is mix of famous MVC; Controller; Data Transfer Objects and Martin Fowler’s Model View Presenter.   Here is the interface which defines the requirement for the UI; and on which business layer will ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on April 12, 2005
  • Implementing Security :: Code Access Security & Role Based Security

    Let’s assume; we have couple of Controllers (for different business facades) and we want that certain users can access certain controllers. Using central factory approach; one might has to implement following extensions:   public class ControllerFactory {       string userName, ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 26, 2005
  • Implementing Security :: Central Factory

    The approach introduced in my last post; have few problems. In this post I am discussing one problem which is   If you want to implement multiple controllers in the library; the code of validating the credentials will be duplicated; which is against OOP spirit   To solve this issue;   You can either have a base controller; ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 21, 2005
  • Patterns & Practices :: Enterprise Library

    Microsoft introduced Application Blocks; the building blocks that help us leverage the best practices. I personally have used their Data Access Application Block in lot of projects.   Recently, Enterprise Library has been released that integrates most of these application blocks and extend their feature set. Here is couple of useful links ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on January 29, 2005
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