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  • ASP .NET Client Callbacks

    And, here are the links to the remaining three parts of the video. Seriously, time limit on YouTube videos should realistically be around 15-20 mts. Part 2 of 4 | Part 3 of 4 | Part 4 of 4  
    Posted to ASP.NET Applications (Weblog) by aspnet on January 28, 2009
  • Converting non-English videos into English Using .NET Framework

    In a bid to make my videos more accessible to a global audience, I came with an idea to use System.Speech classes to convert the audio tracks on my videos into English using Speech Synthesis provided by the .NET Framework.Here is some sample code in a Windows Forms Application. Code is written in the Button click event handler. Requires ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Applications (Weblog) by aspnet on January 21, 2009
  • App Level IP Address Filtering: HttpModules

    How to work with httpmodules. I tried to embed a video but it does not get rendered on the blog post. Neither does this version of CS have add media option. Can someone let me know how to embed youtube videos here? Thanks! Finally, here are the links to my recent video tutorials on httpmodules and how to work with application level IP address ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Applications (Weblog) by aspnet on January 15, 2009
  • LINQ and ADO .NET Data Services Videos

    I have published some tutorials on YouTube on LINQ and ADO .NET Data Services. ADO .NET Data Services allow creation of REST based services which is simply a fancy way of serializing data as XML and returning it over HTTP. You can view these tutorials on my YouTube Channel at http://ca.youtube.com/rafaybinali    
    Posted to ASP.NET Applications (Weblog) by aspnet on January 6, 2009
  • Re: Convert to flv format..

    I have finished creating a complete YouTube clone in .NET. The most complex part of the whole project was to find out how to convert media into FLV after upload. This research took the better part of my project time. Nonetheless, it is complete in terms of functionality, though UI needs some major rework. Anyhow, what you need is FFMPEG.exe. It ...
    Posted to Microsoft .NET (Forum) by aspnet on January 6, 2009
  • YouTube Download Web Service: Integrate YouTube Download into your .NET apps FREE

    Here is an interesting web service that allows applications to download youtube videos. Applications that require interaction with youtube can obviously use the YouTube API's to provide exhaustive youtube functionality right from their web sites. However, the only API function that is missed is the ability to download from Youtube.The Youtube web ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Applications (Weblog) by aspnet on January 6, 2009
  • Youtube GData API: single video feed doesn't handle Cache

    I have been playing around with youtube's GData API which returns feed in XML and JSON format. A ''bug'' was found when dealing with single video feed that unlike other feeds provided by Gdata.  While investigating feeds in fiddler, I found that feed which returns single Videl details is not handling Cache stuff at Server End thus I am keep ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 16, 2008
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