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How to generate web forms in a good way?

We, in our software house, use a custom build code generator (thanx to my friend Syed Umar Anis).  It generates stored procedures, and (some what intelligent) business classes using the database schema. I want to extend this generator and want it to generate web forms as well.

I was thinking about some way so that i have to do minimal work and should be a flexible solution so that it remains compatilbe with the next version of web server controls.

I started by searching how to get the XML in aspx pages i.e. when we drag and drop some control like textbox on a aspx page, its xml will automatically be generated by the visual studio. i was searching for some method that i can do it programatically e.g.

dim txtName as textbox
txtName.Id = “txtName”
txtName.Width = “250”

these lines shoule “somehow” generate xml like this
<asp:textbox id=txtName runat=server Widht=250px></asp:TextBox>

the server control has a render method but it will give the HTML like
<input type=text ......

It seems that i have to do it manually. Anybody have some good idea? OR good solution??
Waiting for replies and searching and thinking of a solution

Allah Hafiz


Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2005 1:44 PM by aziz
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