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Aziz ur Rahman

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Credit Card Processing

Situation is that I have to implement an ecommerce website based in Saudi Arabia with credit card processing facility. User should not go to some other site for transactoion i.e it must be done on our website. After a little googling I came to know that it can be done in two ways.

1) Website--> Gateways--> Processor--> Merchant Account--> Bank
2) Website--> Processor--> Merchant Account--> Bank

The top most rank gateways i came to know are
1)Authorize.Net (providing AIM service)
2)PayPal ( providing PayPalPro for US only)
3)VeriSign (providing PayFlowPro)
4)anyother you recommend

The top most processors
3)anyother you recommend

Now there are two main problems. All of the above services require a US bank account to correspond with the merchant account. There is a service 2Checkout that can work with Saudi bank account but for that you have to go to their site for transaction.
Can anyone put some light on the issue? Am i missing something? Is there anything I missunderstood?
Am i wrong with the US bank account thing?
Is there any service that can work with any gulf account like UAE, Bahrain?

Last but not the least, Anyone who has worked with credit card processing in ASP.net, can tell the best practice and the services he used successfully so that It will be easy for me to choose between services. Did you have to use a US bank account? I think Khurram works for an ISP company so may be he can point something?????

Does anyone use .NetCharge, a product to facilitate transaction processing in ASP.Net?

AAAHHHhhhhh just doing brainstorming... to find a solution.

Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 10:24 AM by aziz
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Khurram Aziz said:

Few updates from my side
Earthquake: Many organizations, government departments and private companies...
# October 12, 2005 10:12 PM
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