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Aziz ur Rahman

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Migrate From Community Server 2.1 to BlogEngine.Net

Recently I need to migrate my blog (http://weblogs.com.pk/aziz)  which was running on Community Server 2.1 to my new blog here which is running on BlogEngine.Net.  I did not have access to code or database as the blog was hosted on a free blogging site. I was unable to find any direct and easy way in the control panel of Community Server therefore I started looking for other options


Cross posting from my new blog. Read the full article there


New Blog at www.DotNetPanda.com
I have just started new blog at www.dotnetpanda.com. I will be doing cross posting for some time.
Eid ul Fitar In Mecca / Madina / Jeddah

I planned to spend my Eid vacations in Mecca/Madina this year. There were no hotels available in Mecca at that point of time so we booked the hotel in Jeddah (less than 1 hour drive to Mecca). We reached there 2 days ago. We left for Mecca in the night, performed Umra, prayed Qayam ul Lail and then went back.

Next day we went there again agfter Iftar. We prayed Khatam Taraweeh there. Mulana Sudais were there. We went for dinner , came back for Qayam ul Lail and then left for Jeddah.

This was the last day so we left at night, reached Mecca at 2 am We tried to find a place as near as possible to Ka'ba. We waited there for 2 hours for Fajar. We prayed there and keep sitting there for Eid prayer. We done this all becuase otherwise we will not be able to get a place if we come late.

Finally we prayed Eid ul Fitar salah. We went to Roof Top, took some pictures and then left for Jeddah. You can see some snapshots of Ka'ba in my photo section.

This was supposed to be my last trip to the Holy Places during these two years of service. Allah knows better when I will be there again.

Resignation letter approved

Finally I resigned from my current company in Riyadh, Saudia. I was in much tension regarding the acceptance of my resignation. Guys living here in Saudia will understand what I mean. Here you cannot quit your job until your employer agrees.

My last day here will be on 14 dec 2006. I came here exactly two years back on 14 dec 2004. I will go back , get happily married :). You all are invited for the valime on 7th January 2007.

Currently I have no job/offer in hand. I will start applying after one month. I have heard that the job market in Karachi is quite good nowadays. I am planning to continue my masters which I left becuase of coming to Saudia. HHmmmm Masters after newly married... seems difficult but i will try.

I am thinking about giving SharePoint certifications here as I came to know that all Microsoft certifications are banned in Pakistan nowadays.

Soooo... Beware... I am coming back.
CU all soon.

Difference between SharePoint Topic and Area

As soon as you start the implementation of SharePoint Portal Server, you will get confused regarding the usage of SharePoint Area and Topics. The similarity makes a newbie puzzled. After looking on the internet, this is best explanation I found, http://kjellsj.blogspot.com/2005/05/sharepoint-areas-and-topics-for.html

Problem in configuring Single SignOn Service (SSO) on Windows Server 2003 with SP1

If you have installed SharePoint Portal Server on Windows 2003 Server after installing Service Pack 1, you may face problems in configuring the Single Sign On Service. You will get error like

"Failed to connect to the database server. Verify connectivity and rights for the configuration account and try again."

Thinking that problem is from my side, I spent a lot of time configuring the rights of the account but all in vain. Finally google came to the resuce and here is the link that solved my problem. Solution is a little bit weird but haaaay.. it worked.

Find the ImagePath registry entry at the following location:
Remove the quotation strings from around the the ImagePath value ... and away you go.

Reference :Chris Johnson Blog :SharePoint SSO error and Window Server 2003 SP1

SQLServer : Problem in inserting Arabic data using ntext datatype
Have you ever tried to insert arabic data using ntext data type in SQL Server2000? I am sure you had. Did you face any strange problems? I had. It was a dotnet based desktop application. The strange problem was: If I insert english data, it comes back fine but if I insert arabic data, it gets corrupted. Strange, we were doing this in our web based news portal site and it is working fine there.

Then I dig into the problem. I came to know that if the data is smaller in size, it goes back and forth properly. But if it is a little bit bigger it gets corrupted. That was just heuristically tested. I figured that data bigger than 4000 char is making the problem. I checked the documentation but there is nothing there.

I consulted the guys responsible for news portal website. I asked them whether they are doing something special. Why they are not having this problem. Finally they reported that they encrypt the article contents before putting it in the database for security reasons and decrypting before displaying on the website.

They forwarded me the Encrypt/Decrypt class. I used the same technique and WALLAAAAA.... it worked. Now I can insert records bigger than 6000 and it is coming back just fine.

Cannot figure out the problem, unable to figure the solution as well. Just used CP technology (Copy Paste Technology) to solve the problem. I will dig into it more when I get some time. If you ever encountered such problem, please comment.

My article, SumColumn, has been updated.
Few days back, I have informed about my article, SumColumn published on codeproject. Now It has been updated incorporating the users comments. You can visit it here. Your comments are welcomed.
Gulf Developers Conference 2006

Microsoft is arranging Gulf Developers Conference 2006 on 18th-21st 2006 - Riyadh @ Four Seasons Hotel - Saudi Arabia. Fees is 300 for normal professionals and 200 for microsoft partner's employees.

Last time company made the registration for all the developers but this time it seems that we are staying home. Let us see, hope for the best.

To attend Pre-conference/ GDC you have to register online, click here to register

GDC 2006 is an event that provides a comprehensive technical overview as well as more insight on the latest (both recently released and upcoming) Microsoft development and platform technologies. During the GDC 2006 event, there will be many sessions that would demonstrate the latest advanced features that were introduced in Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, BizTalk Server 2006, Windows Vista and how all these technologies can be used to build reliable, secure, high performance applications that can connect people, information, processes and systems together. More than 1700 technology professionals from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region are expected to join this event and get the opportunity to meet and interact with top technology experts in the industry and Microsoft team for the duration of the event.


Sharepoint : Customizing ONET.XML of MySite (SPSMSITE) template
Customizing ONET.XML of MySite (SPSMSITE) template

In the template folder you will also find the default template for the MySite configuration. You might think this works in the same matter as the other templates, but no. Editing the default.aspx in the SPSMSITE folder has the same effect, but altering ONET.XML has no effect. This is due to the fact that Sharepoint creates the virtual site that handles all MySite sites on installation, thus only processing the ONET.XML in the SPSMSITE folder once. To alter the MySite template for all users on your portal use FrontPage and navigate to your RootSite/MySite, then perform your changes.

This inconsistency is kind of hard to spot, and reduces the possibility of preconfiguring the setup of a site before it is rolled out. Not much to do about that though.

Ref : http://weblogs.asp.net/mnissen/articles/68629.aspx

I am going to be a dangling pointer again

I am going to be a dangling pointer again. Confused!!! the guys who have worked on contract basis will get my point. Actually my contract with the client company is going to be expired on 15th March. After that I will be sitting in my contractor office and wait for the next opportunity. Every time you go to a new place, you have to work from start, build your personality in front of new managers, develop chemistry with the new colleagues. It is exciting but sometimes it is tiring as well. Its been 6 months here and I have become use to the environment here.

Hope to get an opportunity with some good technology. Please do not throw me where I have to work on VB6 with MS Access.

Congrats for upgrading to Community Sever Ver 2
Congrats for upgrading to Community Sever Ver 2. Thanks to admin for his hard work.
My first article has been published on codeproject

"A normal requirement in any asp.net application is to sum up the values in a DataGrid column to the footer. In this article we will try to compare the normal methods of achieving this task and later we will do this by creating our own custom DataGrid column “SumColumn”, derived from BoundControl column so that we don’t have to write the same code again and again......"

This is the introduction of my first article; a very basic one. It is still in unedited mode but I hope it will be in a proper section soon. You can check it here. Your comments will be highly appreciated. (specially from Nasir who is an expert) :)..



Oracle - Performing Top-N Queries
The task of retrieving the top or bottom N rows from a database table (by salary, sales amount, credit, etc.) is often referred to as a "top-N query." This task is fairly common in application development. As you might know that there is NO top clause in PL/SQL causing problems for the developers coming from T-SQL environment. But there are certian ways to do that in Oracle. Read More...
Oracle - Rename a Table Column Without Any Data Manipulation
As counterintuitive as it is, Oracle databases have no SQL command for assigning a new name to a table column yet they have such a command for renaming an entire table. So, when I peruse Oracle database discussion groups, I frequently see the question "how do I rename a table column in my database?"  Read More...


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