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I alway has a trouble uploading ASP.NET project to production server. There is no clean solution availble. Thanks to this VS Add-in now I can deploy my ASP.NET application without leaving VS.
How many times you have to create a solution in VS in order to test small .NET code? You can aviod those small 1000 projects by replacing this tool. It is nice and simple way to just drop a snippet and test it with VS solution.
Folklore.org  is the site where you will find lot of interesting Apple stories. Interesting to read, specially  to learn how this innovative team came together and created so many wonderful things at that time.

If you are like and spend lot of time searching on Google then this cheat sheet will definitely help a lot. It contains advance search options for Google.


Right now it is only available for private testing, Here

Cyrus Peikari demonstrates methods to design and test a live, attenuated computer virus vaccine using real-world simulation. Here


According to the IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Terminology, The Requirements are define as

  • A condition or capability needed by a user to solve a problem or achieve an objective.
  • A condition or capability that must be met or possessed by a system or system component to satisfy a contract, standard specification, or other formally imposed document.
  • A document representation of a condition or capability as in 1 or 2.

Requirements are also describe as;

Requirements are…a specification of what should be implemented. They are descriptions of how the system should behave, or of a system property or attribute. They may be a constraint on the development process of the system.

Requirements Levels or Types

  • Business requirements represent high-level objectives of the organization or customer who requests the system. It is recommended to document business requirements as vision and scope document or market requirements document.
  • User requirements describe user goals or tasks that the users must be able to perform with the product. Usually user requirements are documented in user stories, use cases, and event-response tables.
  • Functional requirements specify the software functionality that the developers must build into the product to enable users to accomplish their tasks, thereby satisfying the business requirements.

How many time do you use Java Script in your web pages and that makes it difficult to update those web pages in future? So what will be the solution....? Don't put Java Script directly in HTML. Whenever you need to add an onclock handler on any HTML tag use DOM to add it.

For example for link tag, don't do this,

<a href=”target_page.html” id=”MyLink” onclick=”alert();”>My Link</a>

  Use DOM and make your code clean,

document.getElementById(“MyLink“).onclick = alert();




Yes Oracle also has some nice user friendly features :-)

If you want to copy whole database from one SID to another SID, you can use SQL COPY. Here is an example;

  • Start the Sqlplus
  • Login to the SID where you want to copy the database from other SID
  • Execute this statement,

SQL> COPY FROM scott/tiger@SID2 CREATE <table_name> USING SELECT * FROM <table_name>

This will copy all indexes and tables from SID2 to current SID.


Yes this is possible and it because of this nice tool. It will nicely integrate with your Explorer shell and show you message in your inbox as files. When you copy any file in your virtual drive, it will be email to your gmail account. Nice.

May be you already hear about this. It is very simple to add RSS feed of your gmail inbox to any RSS reader. Just add URL


And then when you try to access it, it will ask for your gmail account name and password. Boom and now you can see your email in your RSS reader. Isn't it nice?

From Writing Programs to Creating Compilers by Sanjay Dasgupta -- In this article we build a simple compiler that augments Java with tasks (independent blocks of code that execute in parallel), thus creating a new language (called AJ) that supports the programming of systems with concurrent activities well.

If you have used any Linux Desktop Manager (GMONE, KDE etc), you should recognize a cool feature where you have can multiple desktop and you can configure those desktop for different purposes. Like one you can have for system administration, other one for development and one for leisure. Now which ever desktop you will see that particular wallpaper and also icons one desktop for different tools which you use in that particular mode.

I was looking for same-thing on my windows machine. Luckily on XP Power toys (These are the special tools release by Microsoft,but usually not supported by them. User are their own when they install it) I got virtual desktop manager. Here is the more details and installation file.

Number of times it happen with me that my application is working fine on normal setting, but when I moved it to production server with SSL connection, it break for unknown reason. So I was thinking for some easy and quick solution for testing SSL websites. I found this interesting article on Microsoft technet website.

if you are using IIS 6.0 and need to install a certificate for testing or internal use, you can do it in about 2 seconds with the use of the SelfSSL utility from the IIS 6 Resource Kit. Just type SelfSSL at the command line and it will instantly install a self-signed certificate on the default web site. You can install a certificate on other sites and control the contents of the certificate including the common name and expiration date using command-line switches. See the SelfSSL documentation for exact details.

If you are not using IIS 6 yet, then you can use the SSLDiag tool available from the Microsoft Download Center. Be sure to download the full setup.exe package in order to get the SSLDiag documentation. To install a certificate on a web site, right-click the Web site level (shown by [W3SVC/]) in the main window of SSL Diagnostics, and then click Create New Certificate. This tool does not give you the ability to customize the certificate, but does allow you to install an automatically-generated certificate – intended to be used for testing purposes.

Finally Tiger is arrived. This is the most significant release of Java after its first release. Some of the interesting details about this release are here.