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All Frogiest/Craziest Technical Views
EF Feature CTP4 Released!

Such a wonderful work done by ADO.NET team,

Code First ,let the model itself to create database on fly. Download the ctp and the walkthrough to two samples.Please check the links. and make your day wonderful ..




Rightway to get Visual Studio 2008

Try this downloader Microsoft Secure Content Downloader ,  it is fantastic tool, It transfers big data transfer just in hour

Microsoft Secure Content Downloader 2007 - Brian H. Madsen - .Net ...

:), Enjoy .

Jobs For Php and web Design experts

I know this is not a right place to post job ads  , but just to save my (precious) time,  

PHP Developers

The successful candidate will have excellent Object Orientated PHP4 and Mysql Skills along with a good working knowledge of Linux and Apache based systems. You will also have a strong ability to develop in front end elements such as XHTML, CSS, Compliance and Accessibility would also be ideal.

Web Designers

Web Designer, Html, CSS, Flash, Photoshop, Web Designer An exciting opportunity has arisen for a leading web solutions and design consultancy company.

Send your Resume at : ahnasir@yahoo.com

IT Leadership


After a long time, I got chance to manage my emails and blogs ... and this time I had a faint clue where I have kept the password, bravo.. what a fast learner.

 There were 360 emails at yahoo, mostly from study groups at yahoo ,just to moving ahead , I had to delete all without reading.   I had one RSS feed reader software but i feel it like a burden..

Ok, I am a big fan of blogs at IT Leadership page, it gives you a Deja vu feeling, a solace at the count down of your mistakes and experience.

 have a nice time,

Time For Violence

 Hi , Everybody I am here, just back from my hibernation period , you must have been missing the "Most Popular" log  all that time.


Guess..... What must had happened ...?

1...   2  ...  3 ....

Yes you got it ,,,, right.. quite intelligent try,  thats the same "Lost Password  issue" again  ,

It could happens everytime one get a bald-laptop ... that remember nothing at all. Offcourse one has to be more careful , while doing  such operations .. better luck next time.

 Btw I was so busy at work , completed 2 projects 99%, I dont know why 1% is taking too long to get finished Devil.    Ahh such miserable time,  think twice if you are going to handle Legacy Application conversions , you will get now where run...

 <Edit> Ohho , I posted at the last of log , but let me tell you I found this song at ISerializable - Roy Osherove's Blog ,

you can download the song MP3 from his page, quite cool song , I love it.. It match to my feeling.. </Edit> 

Time For Violence

A Song about Databases

Lyrics By Roy Osherove


Hello DB My old friend

I need to work with you again

That stored procedure aint lookin' well

Who wrote that trigger should go to jail

and that index, It is slower than a snail

What the hell


I guess it's time

For violence


Man whoever wrote this code

That ***'s gonna hit the road

Now the customer is gonna sue

Instead of red my face are turning blue

and it seems like

there is no way out of this

there's just a hiss


I guess it's time

for violence


I'm angry and I want a name

That DBA should be ashamed

What's that you're saying?

It's ME to blame?

That database was MY OWN sick game?

Oh that's right

it was me who did the design

It was mine


I guess it's time

For silence

 It's Time for Violence - A song about Databases


Inheritance in the Entity Framework

I was/am so busy in two projects , there was no time for any blah blah and blogging.. I still don't have that :) but this log is made to confirm I am alive, happy and working...  :).

The kinda application architecture I was looking is still missing ... right now I am using the arch. of the book ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming Problem Design Solution  and famous thebeerhouse site  it is fantastic but something is still missing... .. after using it  in fourth project , I am thinking to switch (out).. to something more good..quest for the best ..

Is there anybody working with Frameworks , DSL and component level programming?? I think thats the next door to checkout.

 The latest and very interesting thing from my feedreader..is Inheritance in the Entity Framework ,  well its wonderful I enjoyed it.:) , missed the COBOL/ AS4000 (with all hate/love) .




The Long Tail Markets & Economic



The Long Tail, a term first coined and popularized by Chris Anderson, refers to the economic phenomenon where products that are of interest to only small communities, and thus result in low demand and low sales volume, can collectively result in a large aggregate market. This large collection of small markets can significantly exceed the more traditional market that the most popular and high volume sales items can generate.

One quick way of summing up the Long Tail is by saying that there’s more opportunity in catering to a mass of niche markets than a niche of mass markets. Large enterprises in particular are composed of masses of such niches, operating in different geographies and business units, catering to specific demographics with tailored solutions to meet the needs of all constituents. And yet, the centralized IT organization that serves the needs of the entire organization is typically woefully unprepared to serve these masses of niches: large numbers of users with widely varying IT needs. How, then, can IT support the needs shared in common with all the business groups without overextending its centralized resource to meet the specific needs of each of the individual groups?


Lets discuss it like that a medium size business company contract an IT company for the development of their CRM project with Product Sales, product QA modules with greater detail of their regions, dealer(perspective or registered  , products (current or future) , Sales( current or expected) .  

Its contract and planned and analyzed. It got allocation of all proper resources like time, budget and people.   It starts at cycle at full speed working making developers look grey and managers look like Frankenstein. But even then it become very hard to move and complete as it was planned.  Finally you have done it.  If this company gets another CRM of more or less same scale client, the previous solution will help to bring down the resources needed, if you have build on good architecture and if your employee is not showing much turnover.  With every new client added in same domain, expertise will improve and resources will be downsized but it very unlikely to occur, and get work on domain specific spectrum only.  


There is another IT company across the road having same situation( lets assume its Shahr-e-Faisal ) . They built one solution at very high cost but which is not profit earning for longer period.  So There are two kind of solutions both will empower giants IT companies leaving other small business dependent on them badly.  One solution is to have a middle ware company which hosts all services of a specific domain (SOBAs.) and other IT companies use them, Like Microsoft has already starting doing great effort to publish financial service layers as service factories. The other solution is to developed huge mega software that could serve million of the users (multi-tenant) , scaleable and configure. That we called Saas (software as  service)


So in result IT consists of disparate containers, each requiring separate integration activities and discrete projects. the need of many outweigh the needs of the few. But in a world in IT is responsible for creating an Ecosystem that supports loosely-coupled, and reusable IT capabilities, that disparate user s can easily consume and compose into wide array f new application, this economic reality has shifted to the principal of the “Long Tail” or “Power Law”.




1.Saas,  (Software as a  Service)


2. SOBAs( Service Oriented Business Applications)


A Series on Enterprise 2.0 : Initiative log

Today is a good day, Sameen is serious ...She thinks to start a series on Enterprise 2.0 .

 Following the Aristotle's principals I will give you some study leads and then will ask some questions. The knowledge given to unprepared minds will spill-out and let me to discover my friends & foes by this process.

Enterprise 2.0:  Centralized , Decentralized , On-demand softwares , SOA, SOABs,  Long Tail markets and architectures, changes in Economics, organizations ,architecture, structure, process, Software Factories, Service Factories, DSLs, Web 2.0.

1-  What questions and definitions raise in your mind for each term and their union under one tag????

 2-  Are the IT organizations  ready to shed-off their workload, business and thus money to some standard SAAS providers?

3. How to build a trust on these common middle ware layers that share to same & rivals i-e competitive business solutions.

 Use brain its effective, I am giving you links to get these leads, but I will continue my series too though my efforts will not be more than to conceive , compile and interprets same information. 


 Long Tail





Software Factories












Security Issues for Architects




Have You Ever?
Have you ever a client who is designer
It makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad
You can't sleep at night
Have you ever tried to find the words
But they don't come out right
Have you ever, have you ever

Have you ever been in development
Been in development so bad
You'd do anything to make them understand
Have you ever had someone steal your mind away
You'd give anything to make them feel the same
Have you ever searched for words to get you in their business
But you don't know what to say
And you don't know where to start

Have you ever found the one
You've never dreamed of all of your life
Just about anything to look into their plans
Have you finally found the one you've given your mind to
Only to find that one won't give their mind to you
Have you ever closed your eyes and
Dreamed that they were gone
And all you can do is wait for the day when they will leave

What do I gotta do to getout of your project baby
What do I gotta say to get your mind
To make you understand how I need to leave you
Gotta get you out of my world
'Coz baby I can't sleep
Where I have been

This is not a technical blog , for those who want to know  about this and that, Please don’t click here. Ah I have saved your precious time.Ok..  For all those who want to listen my story please keep tissue paper box near, mm it’s all Ok to get popcorn or candies too.  There is a sad story Tongue Tied ….


Once upon a time, I had an account@weblogs.com.pk as dotnetangel ,  but due to some memory malfunctional issues ,I love to forget passwords, few times got  kind support by Mr. Khurram Aziz but eventually we both got bored of playing username/password game, so I got to get-out to find some other entertainments.Indifferent


I joined geekswithblogs as architectualinsight but it never caught any sincere effort by me either. Aint it cute term architectualinsight= architect+intellectual+insight, I should join MS because I master creating new terms.Big Smile


At the same period I was sick whole year of 2006 (Dare to ask disease names? Ok, ask me I will throw a dozen complicated medical names),mmm It sounds like a very unpopular reason for my absence.

I used that period to do NOTHING, but I was so BUSY same time.   I read a lot books, made a lot of literary friends. DON’T worry, It is not about MS technologies and absolutely there is no chance, that I could jump into MVP club, you guys always look scared like USA who don’t love to welcome new members in Nuclear Power club. 


The books I read were about literature, history, religion and philosophy. I read philosophy to get off heavy guilt of leaving Physics for the damn Computers.

So HERE I AM *claps*, *background drums and band* , *, don’t start throwing red bricks on me  for this long and boring log, red bricks are getting expensive nowadays.


Database Publishing Wizard


I've been reading Scot gu throughly , like a holy scripture.In the way between,couple of days ago I read about FREE "Database Publishing Wizard", just like an humble obedient student, it was downloaded and installed, everything was fine that so far but when I Open VS and tried to "Publish to provider" .........

HURRAAH It failed ....!!!!Big Smile

User-defined function fn_diagramobjects has the execution context ExecuteAsUser. Scripting user-defined function with the execution context ExecuteAsUser is not supported. (SqlPubWiz)

For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?ProdName=Microsoft+SQL+Server&ProdVer=9.00.2047.



Which upsupported version they are talking about? VS or SQL one ,Indifferent I've done my all downloading earnestly.

Chill Sameen Chill, since years no tear shed by these eyes on MS products , I have developed a sense of forgiveness or you call it having User experience . well anyway , If anybody knows about it .. do let me know .

I know its not good way to blog as i am into some recovery mode, need some solace before getting  actual track.

Hello World

Hi, everybody ..
Assalm-o-alakum , I am here just to share my ramble thoughts on MS technology change and its applications. I am admist of expert & naive levels, so nothing should be surprising in my blogs.

Todays download homework are videos at Microsoft Expression Suite  , thanks God, CSS layout were really so much irritating. I think right now it is just for show case , waiting impatiently to get it ..(sigh)


{Edited  after  some  days . } found its beta , download .it. Ok..Its beta but Its FREE guys.

There are four products in this suite . but I m interested in  one only ... for the mean time.

 Microsoft® Expression Blend™ is the professional design tool to create engaging Web-connected experiences for Windows.