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Rang De Basanti

To follow fakegeeks's post I went to Sharja Mega Mall last night and choosed Rang De Basanti from four or five recent releases. The Movie was great, cinema was great, the coke, the pop-corn everything was awesome and I added another wonderfull memory to my brain's storage cells. Its a movie you can enjoy every time you watch.    

Swiss Miss Returns

One of my favorit tennis player the Pricecss of WTA Martina Hingis returns back to tennis. She won many grand slams during 1997 to 2002 but suddenly left due to unkown reasons. 

Welcome back Hingis.

Software, Marketing & Economics
I've been reading e Marketing for three months in my frees. I started reading it with a thought How People Sell Products? Specially how one can sell an invisible product like a piece of software using an invisible way like internet.  And things like
how can we let others know that we've a product exactly suits your needs. During all this time I study very differnet topics
from Search Engine Optimization to Markete Analysis.  And this all is looking like a wonder. To sell a product you dont need to have an extra-ordinary complex algorithmic product.  During your markete analysis if you found that there is some space for your product just creat a buzzzzzzword for the problem you addressed in the product and thats all. This is the primary thing you need to do.  And for all this Search Engines play the primary role.
Dont you ever think that most of the Google products are still in beta versions with lot of bugs (Gmail, Google Search API, etc) and people are not only using them but also admiring without asking for the final releases. Google leads the web searching technologies and they know how to create buzzzzwords, this is the field where they lead Microsoft. I've read
lot of discussions where people comparing Google with Microsoft and considering Google the next rival of Microsoft. But
the real story is very different. Microsoft enjoyes the deep roots in Operating Systems and Compilers, she owns everything
from the code going into your cpu to the browser converting html to web page. It's very hard to compete Microsoft if you
talk about *software*. Microsoft is not only creating buzzzes they are creating next generation software products. 
Anyway its very interesting to learn how people can be controlled using Marketing ways and rules of Economics. I'm hoping to study International Economics to know how nations can be conrtolled. This is excatly what western countries are doing
with third-world.
Happy New Year

Happy new year to all bloggers.

Desert Safari

Last friday i went out for Desert Safari with lot of other tourists arranged by North Tours. It's one of the most common hang out in UAE and one can go with a group of 100 to 150 other men and women. These sort of groups are arranged and managed by the local companies. The trip starts with a very very rough drive in desert and after some hours ends with an arabian bufet + dance. Mostly indians and pakis dont like
the food beacuse of its unique taste but everyone of these like the dance beacuse of its unique style -:)  
Ok, now something about the project. I've started coding for workflow module. The project has grown from two months to two years time span. There is no even a single design or anyother document they provided and i'm moving blindly. The domain is very large and we're moving complete
Great Plains from desktop to web with a workflow system. Application was designed two years back when no common AJAX frameworks available so we're working heavily on client side javascript to invoking web services and integrating their results to pages using DOM. Application is not deployed yet and I can see a lot of performance & security issues right now. I wonder how our managment and architect team will solve
these problems after deployments. The most interesting thing i found yet is: every stakeholder (on technical side, domain expert, business analyst, the client, etc) is extra ordinary and having years of experience in their respective fields and still nobody knows when this project will be ended. 
Well! for all these happenings I would like to write a
Booch's sentence "Software crisis are not actual the crisis but a permanent state in the industry."

Atlas in action.
See here, an excelent web 2.0 appliaction backed by Atlas and Asp 2.0.
Project *unknown* started

This is my second day at Dubai office. I've assigned a project which has been in design and development phase since last two years. I'm supposed to work with some other people to complete the project on time. The project is a web & mobile based workflow system backed by MS Great Plains. The product's architecture seems like Duwamish 7.0 and designed by Cyrus and Ramy. Most interestingly, i didnt find any design document or diagram yet, everything is going without docs even Ramy explained me the architecture verbaly. There is great amount of work left behind and we'll have to learn all the
business processes before puting ourselves in writing production quality code. At first, it seems i'm going to write an application exactly like Share point but i'm not 100% sure about that.
Dubai is a fantastic city, food quality is very good and inexpensive. 
I didnt sleep well during the last two days due to some uknown reasons :) i think i'm missing Lahore and my friends over there.  

Leaving Lahore
This morning I got visa and air ticket to UAE (Dubai). I'm supposed to work with MSFT Duabi and with IP technologies as a Sr. Engineer. This would be a mega project and would take 1 year to complete.  I'm a bit upset to leave lahore but excited too. I'll miss my late night sittings with my pals. I'll try to blog about Dubai and this great exciting project. Hope all of you are having fun with your jobs and this city  -:)

The Origins of Life

I'm an avid reader and prefer to read a variety in my frees. Physics and Life sciences are the topics i've read a lot. Stephen Hawking and Raymond Kurzweil are my favorite writers. There is an excelent article on Life (and electronic life), i hope you people would love this article and would see this world with a new eye after reading this.

InventoryProvider for the Commerce starter kit
In recent past, i posted about a nice asp 2.0 starter kit. Today i found an Inventory Provider for this great work. Infact it's an excellent  e-commerce application.
Live era of software

Finally Microsoft announced to deliver MS Office as a service and could be accessed using browser and internet, instead of installing it on local hard disks. In future, we wont need to install MS office to get work on Powerpoint or Excel. People would access the office using a browser exactly like we're accessing Hotmail or Gmail. The company plans to change the future computing platform once again and ruin its rivals Google and Yahoo.  

A nice Asp 2.0 starter kit.
http://www.commercestarterkit.org/ just published e-commerce starter kit fully furnished with 2.0.
I'm back
I'm back to work after a long holidays. I went out of town for Eid holidays, i spend time with my family, friends
and with old books. I kept myself away from computer and now just started my job again.
Hope all of you are in good health after Eid.
Free Web Developer (ASP 2.0) training videos.

Free training videos for ASP 2.0 and Visual Web Developer.

Good bye MCSDs ...

With the advent of framework 2.0 a lot of changes were expecting including MS certifications like MCAD and MCSD. This week microsoft introduces next generation certifications. I'll prefer to upgrade myself to MCPD and proceed for MCA then. Of course people can work and upgrade their skills without certifications but these are the things that put you on the way what called standards. Just ask ten people to write a simple application using Java or C#, you could easily understand and debug the code of a certified developer.

One thing is missing in MCPD exam and that is the comprehensive theory of Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) technologies for developing interactive web pages. There is not only AJAX but a lot of techniques available on web to make hidden requests to get data from a server. Some people use XMLHttpRequest and then using DOM present the the information, some use remote scripting. To be honest i never used any of these techniques instead i always used iFrames whenever needed. In near future i would definitely use Atlas