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Mary had a little lamb

The entire life of software is driven by user requirements. Once the software team has learned what the user needs,

 there remains the problem of documenting these requirements. To have a defined development process, we need to

 start with the complete unambiguous requirements. This is exceedingly hard to do. This problem can be illustrated

 by showing some of the possible interpretations of "Mary had a little lamb". By emphasizing different words or

 combination of words, a completely new meaning can be generated.


 Mary had a little lamb. It was Mary's lamb, not Jone's.

 Mary had a little lamb. She doesn't have it any longer.

 Mary had a little labm. She had only one lamb; other people had more.

 Mary had a little lamb. It realy was surprisingly small.

 Mary had a little lamb. She didn't have the curried chicken that everyone else had.


 It is practically impossible to precise and unambiguous in any Human Language. (English, Urdu, Arabic).

 Thanks to visual modeling languages to make requirements clear and unambiguous.


 Now lets put this all onto a bitter aspect of our lives. We'r all Muslims and we proud of being Muslims.

 We believe on one God (ALLAH), the Last Prophet (MUHAMMAD P.B.U.H), One Quran and Hadith. We Muslims speak out day in and

 day out about our religious values, and most of all dont know the ACTUAL RELIGIOUS VALUES of ISLAM (sorry to say). Generally we all follow some of the teachings of our ULMA-e-KARAMS and belong to some fiqas or firqas. All firqas are based upon AHadith and

 Quran's teachings, all written in Arabic.

The medium of islamic teachings have been Arabic since last 1000 years almost. Arabic is the language like all other Human languages.

 Its practically impossible to be 100% precise and unambiguous in Arabic. And this is the primary reason, we have different

 firqas which are opposite to each others. Every firqa has the same Quran and same Hadith but they interpret it very

differently. I dont want to pin point to any specific firqas but this is a bitter truth that our ULMA-e-KARAMS don’t have abilities to understand the TRUE KNOWLEDGE and soul behind the teachings of ISLAM. The true things can’t be find out by just reading books, they can be find out by thinking. By thinking on WHAT IS RITE AND WHAT IS WRONG. WHAT ARE OUR PROBLEMS and WHAT ARE THEIR SOLUTIONS. All of our firqas just consider them better than each others or better than non-Muslims. Usually our ULMA-e-KARAMS give us references of Hadith and QURAN but no one knows the ACTUAL REALITY, the lesson, the HIKMAT behind the words but they just FOLLOW the WORDS, just Arabic words.

Our prophet's (P.B.U.H) life is a model for us, a very simple, neat, clear and gracious life but none of our ULMA-e-KARAMS present this picture to Muslims. They present the unambiguous words to us, the words with 100s of meanings. 

Islam is not about talking its about performing. ISLAM is not all about talking about the fictional stories, its about doing practical things and understanding the PROBLEMS of HUMANITY and find out the way to solve them, its a RELIGION of NATURE. A religion for the whole universe, a religion of research, knowledge and thinking. Well I’m thinking may be some day we Humans would be able to Model our thought 100% correctly so we wont need to write our expressions in written languages.

Posted: Sunday, May 15, 2005 7:10 PM by developer


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