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Desert Safari

Last friday i went out for Desert Safari with lot of other tourists arranged by North Tours. It's one of the most common hang out in UAE and one can go with a group of 100 to 150 other men and women. These sort of groups are arranged and managed by the local companies. The trip starts with a very very rough drive in desert and after some hours ends with an arabian bufet + dance. Mostly indians and pakis dont like
the food beacuse of its unique taste but everyone of these like the dance beacuse of its unique style -:)  
Ok, now something about the project. I've started coding for workflow module. The project has grown from two months to two years time span. There is no even a single design or anyother document they provided and i'm moving blindly. The domain is very large and we're moving complete
Great Plains from desktop to web with a workflow system. Application was designed two years back when no common AJAX frameworks available so we're working heavily on client side javascript to invoking web services and integrating their results to pages using DOM. Application is not deployed yet and I can see a lot of performance & security issues right now. I wonder how our managment and architect team will solve
these problems after deployments. The most interesting thing i found yet is: every stakeholder (on technical side, domain expert, business analyst, the client, etc) is extra ordinary and having years of experience in their respective fields and still nobody knows when this project will be ended. 
Well! for all these happenings I would like to write a
Booch's sentence "Software crisis are not actual the crisis but a permanent state in the industry."

Posted: Monday, December 12, 2005 12:39 PM by developer


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