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January 2006 - Posts

Rang De Basanti
To follow fakegeeks's post I went to Sharja Mega Mall last night and choosed Rang De Basanti from four or five recent releases. The Movie was great, cinema was great, the coke, the pop-corn everything was awesome and I added another wonderfull memory Read More...
Swiss Miss Returns
One of my favorit tennis player the Pricecss of WTA Martina Hingis returns back to tennis. She won many grand slams during 1997 to 2002 but suddenly left due to unkown reasons. Welcome back Hingis. Read More...
Software, Marketing & Economics
I've been reading e Marketing for three months in my frees. I started reading it with a thought How People Sell Products? Specially how one can sell an invisible product like a piece of software using an invisible way like internet. And things like how Read More...