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I've been reading e Marketing for three months in my frees. I started reading it with a thought How People Sell Products? Specially how one can sell an invisible product like a piece of software using an invisible way like internet.  And things like
how can we let others know that we've a product exactly suits your needs. During all this time I study very differnet topics
from Search Engine Optimization to Markete Analysis.  And this all is looking like a wonder. To sell a product you dont need to have an extra-ordinary complex algorithmic product.  During your markete analysis if you found that there is some space for your product just creat a buzzzzzzword for the problem you addressed in the product and thats all. This is the primary thing you need to do.  And for all this Search Engines play the primary role.
Dont you ever think that most of the Google products are still in beta versions with lot of bugs (Gmail, Google Search API, etc) and people are not only using them but also admiring without asking for the final releases. Google leads the web searching technologies and they know how to create buzzzzwords, this is the field where they lead Microsoft. I've read
lot of discussions where people comparing Google with Microsoft and considering Google the next rival of Microsoft. But
the real story is very different. Microsoft enjoyes the deep roots in Operating Systems and Compilers, she owns everything
from the code going into your cpu to the browser converting html to web page. It's very hard to compete Microsoft if you
talk about *software*. Microsoft is not only creating buzzzes they are creating next generation software products. 
Anyway its very interesting to learn how people can be controlled using Marketing ways and rules of Economics. I'm hoping to study International Economics to know how nations can be conrtolled. This is excatly what western countries are doing
with third-world.
Posted: Monday, January 2, 2006 2:28 PM by developer


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