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My new blog

Hello everyone, Hope all of you doing fine. My last post on blog was about 5 years back, since then I haven't blogged but lately I've started a developer blog again. 

 Here is my new blog address http://DreamSongs.se

This is going to be the final last post here on weblogs.com.pk.

SmartTabs V 2.0

I guess you guys already know about SmartTabs (an asp.net control to render tabs and making out-of-band requests to get data from server).


Couple of days back I had to do this again for an asp.net 2.0 site. So I ported this to 2.0. The new control uses
asp.net's new Web Resources model for JS and Images. The full source code and demo can be downloaded from this location. You can learn how to embed resources (images, javascripts, css files) in your assembly and 
can be deployed as a single unit. Even you can put static html pages inside your assembly and deploy a single
dll on server. 

Download SmartTabs 2.0

Happy New Year

Courtesy of Dur

Happy New Year to all community members.

I'm back again :)

World Hold On ...

Bob Sinclar's World hold on is one of my favorite songs. You can see this great video here

Happy birthday to Me

I'm turning to 25 next week. Instead of celebrating, I'm worried about how fast days and years are passing?

My latest headshot  

Management Methods

I couldn't stop myself to blog about this great link. Joel Spolsky have been writing about Software Development for looong. The latest article is on Management Methods and definitely not only for developers but for everyone who manage teams. I compiled this three
part series article and attached with this post, download and enojoy.

SmartTabs: Yet another smart control in town

this weekend, after watching the dismissal of Argentine, UK and Brazil, I put off TV and
then decided to re-test my abilities in writing server controls. After couple of minutes of thinking what to write, I got an idea to write an ajax enabled Tabs rendering control. So SmartTabs came into existence. Its an easy to use asp.net server control to render tabs and load pages into tabs without a visible postback. You can see one such implementation at
Yahoo. Commnuity server also uses these sort of UI on create a new blog page. SmartTab uses XMLHttpRequest to make a request and fetch data from other html, aspx, php etc pages.

You can add the control to toolbox and have drag&drop functionality. You can define your own CSS for more pleasent look and feel. The demo project will show you how you can use your CSS to render the tabs.
Currently SmartTabs can only be used for .net framework 1.1 applications. I hope
someone will convert it to 2.0 and upload here. You are free to use, extend or modify the control for commercial, personal or any purpose. Send me an email if you found anything wrong except there are some limitations for example:
You can't make cross domain calls to load external pages.
The viewstate is not persistance so everytime when page loads the default tab will be selected.
And Its a 1.1 control, means Visual Web Developer users can't use it.

I uploaded the control's source code + fully functional demo with this post,  download and have fun.

Happy programming.

Atlas June CTP released

Atlas June CTP is out and can be downloaded here. For folks who are using AJAX in asp.net apps Atlas is definitely cool. Atlas is not only just an AJAX framework its an end-to-end framework for developing richer web apps according to microsoft. You can have OOP javascript and you can have typesafe classes too. There is much more in the Atlas. But we've (my company) officically moved from Atlas to Anthem, another coolest AJAX framework for asp.net . If you guys need just AJAX effects or wanna have more control over XMLHttpRequest, Anthem is the smart answer. Its much smaller and much much simpler than Atlas and more stable than Ajax.net. I would strongly recommend to all asp guys to have a look at Anthem, you can turn your apps to Ajax within minutes and moreover you would have much more control over contents of the page.

Microsoft is gonna be retired

At last I confirmed the rumor that Bill Gates is going to reduce his contributions to Microsoft. He is going to transfer his title Cheif Software Architect to Ray Ozzie , a guy acquired two years back as CTO Microsoft with his Groove Networks. I was wondering why Bill hire Ozzie as he could even easily hire Steve Jobs to define the future of Microsoft. According to the press Bill is going to concentrate on Gates Foundation, the one of world's largest NGO also founded by Bill and have spent 28 billions USD on Health, Education and Poverty during the last 10 years most for the Africa. You can see the more details here, here and here.
Well!!! if I would be
Prevaz Musharraf I would have called Bill to come to Pakistan as next prime minister of our nation, so we could be one of top nations in the world after a decade.

A poorly documented features of User Controls

Check this out. I wonder why didnt I explore this previously untill Scott Gu pointed us out. A really nice feature every asp.net developer wanna have in user controls.

Object o = null;

This is just a null entry to keep my log active :) Stay tune

Hello again!

Hello folks! The bad news is that I didnt know why I had been away from weblogs for long but the good news is that I'm back :)
Besides of official projects I've been into deep learning since last two months and have explored almost all freely available javascript, ajax libraries from
Prototype to Atlas. After doing experiments with all I finally choosed Anthem for our applications and I believe its coolest than all others if you talk about its integration with Asp.net 1.1. Even in some cases I found it better than Atlas for Asp 2.0 apps too. If you are a serious web developer, I believe you will find this list very helpfull.
Last week I downloaded
Google Web Toolkit and Yahoo UI library but I'm really disoppointed with Yahoo UI, Its' like a poorly written piece of software with such a huge size and still lack of features it claims. Google's WT is wonderfull and it seems they put a serious effort to make java prefect choice for web developers as Sun has failed to gave it a place which C# enjoys right now. I believe you guys would see a holy war between Microsoft's Atlas and Script # vs GWT very soon as both are pushing the boundries of the same wall. 
Meanwhile in your free time have a look at
this great and usefull js utility.

Goodbye Dubai, Microsoft GP Web, HTC ...

Today is my last day at Dubai with Microsoft GPWeb, HTC and Dubai folks. I enjoyed my stay, did lot of  *dirty programming* from store procedures to web services, lots of hang out, long useless conversations and many other unproductive activities. I learned great things for career point of view. Overall its a fantastic experience. I've been missing my readings, design patterns practices (I was learning implementing design patterns), and many other things for months. I'm excited to coming back and starting all those once again. See u guys soon.  


It's nice to see CS 2 running. I realy enjoy my session during the last post. Bundle of thanks to weblogs.com.pk team.

Back to Future

Hello to all fellows. Its' been long to see you guys. I was busy like bee in lot of issues here in Dubai, I paid a trip to Pakistan last week but couldnt have chance to come online. Although everything seems smooth but I just resigned from this job and now coming back to Lahore by the end of month. I've analysed that Dubai is very good for hangout but not for permanent stay. I'll be again engaged with my previous telecommuting job with the same USA company.
For the designers; MIX06 contest is being going on if anyone has great designing abilities he can win really something good. 
For the developers;
 Wilco Bauwer has been blogging about .NET and posting  cool utilities for ASP.NET for long. I hope you will enjoy these links. See you guys soon.

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