Custom controls and misc thingies...
07 November 05 08:33 PM

Aziz posted reply to my previous post... If you look at the code of a custom control, you will find some useful information as attributes on the top of the class. For example, check out...

/// <summary>
/// Summary description for MyTextBox.
/// </summary>
ToolboxData("<{0}:MyTextBox runat=server></{0}:MyTextBox>")]

public class MyTextBox : System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl

I think using reflections one can read the attributes... from there you can generate the XML. Play around with it and I will love to see post about it on your blog.

And about Ayy Bee's comments, comeon yaar... my life with computer is tightly coupled and computers being my profession I got no escape. So why keep two separate blogs?

Still gotta discuss two things...

And a question I am asking everybody today... Will it rain in November?

Enjoy November Rain by GnR.

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07 November 05 10:13 AM

VistaDB 2.1 database for .NET has been released
This 2.1 update includes over 60 improvements, including new support for .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. VistaDB is a small-footprint, embedded SQL database alternative to Jet/Access, MSDE and SQL Server Express 2005 that enables developers to build .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 applications. Features SQL-92 support, small 500KB embedded footprint, free 2-User VistaDB Server for remote TCP/IP data access, royalty free distribution for both embedded and server, Copy 'n Go! deployment, managed ADO.NET Provider, data management and data migration tools. Free trial is available for download.
- Learn more about VistaDB
- Repost this to your blog and receive a FREE copy of VistaDB 2.1!

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A Dedication..
06 November 05 11:08 PM

To the doomed. To the forgotten. To the misunderstood. To the misbegotten. 
To the doomed and forgotten misbegotten who have been frequently misunderstood.
To the melancholy, the lonely, the lost, the weary, the hopelessly anguished, the bitterly distraught, the terminally  cranky, the ferociously depressed, and the seethingly disinterested.

The Book of Counted Sorrows
by Dean Koontz

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Eid Greetings
03 November 05 03:32 PM
Eid Greetings to everyone around...
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Ugly looking custom controls in designer?
01 November 05 10:15 PM

On this new project, we are very carefully designing the whole solution. I will be posting what we are doing.

Now about current topic, we have decided to introduce a layer between ASP .NET server controls. We will define our own custom controls and will use them, even for simple text boxes. These custom controls will inherit from the original respective ASP .NET server control. Example follows...

public class Testing : System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox

This will help us in easily modifying the UI based upon the future change requests. Like right now we are not sure, but we may need to provide tool tips for all input screens in different languages. For the time being we have added a new property called ControlID. In future, we will be reading the tooltip from cache for a particular control. That cache will have a dependcy on an XML file.

Now if you drag/drop the control called Testing on a webform, it will automatically render itself in form of a text box. So UI does not get dirty.

Now what if you are generating a pure custom control which will render HTML? How to manage design time support? For this you need to write designer support class. This class inherits from System.Web.UI.Design.ControlDesigner. Here is a generic designer support class which can be used for almost all component.

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
using System.Web.UI.Design;

namespace Testing
/// <summary>
/// Summary description for Designer.
/// </summary>
public class Designer : System.Web.UI.Design.ControlDesigner
public override string GetDesignTimeHtml()
WebCustomControl1 test = (WebCustomControl1) Component;

StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
HtmlTextWriter tw = new HtmlTextWriter(sw);


return sw.ToString();

To associate a custom control with this designer, add following attribute on the top of the custom control.

Designer("Testing.Designer, Testing")

The method called GetDesignTimeHtml is called every time a property of the control is updated. Hence your designer will always produce the look which it will have after rendering.

Happy Designing <smile>



<doughhhhh type="Simpson">me got technical after long time...</doughhhhh>

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01 November 05 12:56 AM

Check this Ajax library which comes free with source code. Its available for 1.1 and 2.0 versions of the .net. I have yet to check it out but the examples on the page looks really cool.

Check out the cool presentation, it contains some cool ideas about Ajax.


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Coffee Time and Certifications...
01 November 05 12:40 AM

I got some comments about the get together at some coffee shop. It’s perfectly okay with me to change the date time. Khurram has suggested Monday evening, but I would recommend the evening of Saturday, 12th of November. So, what you people think/comment now?

Now about certifications, I have always seen competent people with out certifications. Speaking about competent people, if I have to recommend somebody to represent Lahore as a .NET hardcore geek, I would recommend Ayy Bee. How many certifications he has? None.

I think people try to do certifications to hide their in competencies. For me, pasting big images of MCSD on your resume is childish thing. I always prefer not to recommend such a person for an interview. My experience with certification holders is not good. For me the only thing matters is the major degree and work experience.

Speaking about stupid resumes, I will post some snap shots :)

Here I would like to add another thing, I am not against certifications. What I think is you should not shadow yourself under them. I am also planning to acquire some certifications related to .NET. The day when I will have some certifications, I will place them in my resume under my major degree without any fancy style. I will not post big stupid images of MCSD on top of my resume.

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Coffee Time...
29 October 05 12:57 PM
Well, I have got some responses about gathering at coffee table... Khurram has suggested next Friday. Next Friday would be eid in Lahore. I have no problem coming on eid day, but I would like to suggest next Sunday, the 5th November. So people, what you say?

About Ayy Bee's cup of coffee, I will sponsor it. Happy? Beside cup of coffee, Ayy Bee, you can have your Zinger as well :)

I gotta comment about Ayy Bee's comments… then I will post about the latest discussion about the usage of typed datasets in our new project.

Just for information, inBanking has been halted for a while and right now I am a part of design and planning team responsible for converting an old application into web-enabled application using .NET framework.
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Bloggers gathering call...
26 October 05 09:37 PM

Hmmm... hey bloggers @ what about a gathering at some coffee shop? Arround 9-ish?

I have just coined the idea... lets do something.

Btw, I have got my coffee cup sponsored <smile type="BigBig">

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Coffee Shops of Lahore...
26 October 05 08:52 PM

All coffee shops of Lahore a useless!

I used to visit CTC (Coffee Tea and Company) last year. I once went there at 12 of night alone, while coming back from office. It was a wet and cold winter night... I really enjoyed my cup of coffee with slow rain and slow music being played in background. CTC used to serve really nice coffee in big cups (click here to check out their previous cups). Last year they used to serve a cup of coffee for Rs 60. This year they have increased the price, reduced the cup size and reduced the coffee quality. Now it is quite useless to go there. Speaking about Hot Fuzon, it is also expensive and useless place. About Kaps, again useless place. Same comments about Jemen Java. There is a relatively new place called Bees Hive. Their coffee quality is just fine. Today while coming back to home after Iftar, we went to Copper Kettle. Their coffee was good. During my last trip to Karachi, I visited place called Caffeine. It was relatively better then Lahori places.

I am not complaining about prices. Its about quality. I guess there is no quality coffee shop which not only provides nice coffee but also the environment with slow music: where one can really spend some time with himself and gentle aroma of coffee. CTC was a nice place initially, but with the passage of time it has lost its charm. Everybody here is thinking about making money. If any of the coffee shops I have mentioned here are closed today, nobody will remember them.

Nobody is interested in thinking about making a memorable place. A place with which people should be attached emotionally. Like Pak Tea House on Mall Road.

I have an idea... what about opening a coffee shop like Cafe Perk? I mean a happy happy place where people can sit for some time and enjoy coffee and bakery stuff. Excellent coffee should be served in big big colorful cups along with complimentary cookies...

Btw a questions: Are big cups out of fashion??

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Hello... I am alive...
20 October 05 08:15 PM

I'm very busy now a days, preparing documents and things like that for my trip to NetSol Technologies HQ.

On this weekend I have successfully ported's existing users into Community Server. We are planning to host blogs and forums on using Community Server and we are almost there.

Right now I am managing space on my 120 GB SATA to install VM Ware and then Windows 2003 and then Visual Studio 2005 and Team System. I am still unable to see it running on my machine <cries>.

About professional life - just rejected (or being polite not accepted) an offer from one of the best software house of Lahore! They were offering me everything I can imagine - in terms of exposure, position and work... but I still dunno why I rejected the offer </thinking>. Lets see, what happens to me </smile>. All blame will go to Talha, Sana and Kaifee </evil>.

In fun part, got following sticket on back of my car <smiles>

28.6 GB ready on J drive of my machine... here I go...

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Sharing a mission's experience.
14 October 05 02:45 PM

Sorry, a bit of a long read but hope this helps those planning their trips.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Faisal Jeddy < ( >

The following is a status report, sent to me by a friend, who is involved in rescue and relief operations on the ground. Please read carefully, as it has useful tips for those who are still making contributions and are helping with the relief efforts.


We went up as far as Balakot yesterday with some good trucks. Some facts so that everyone can make sound decisions:

1. The road upto Balakot and beyond is completely clear. There is no damage up until Shinkiari. Abbottabad has some fallen buildings but nothing substantial. Shinkiari and beyond things get bad, but access is very easy and possible.

2. There is a huge traffic jam now, perpetual and unending, most of it caused by cars accompanying trucks who just want to see. Better to ride in the trucks in case someone wants to go personally.

3. There is tremendous chaos and ill-discipline. No PROJECT OFFICE where all relief organizations can come together and establish a pattern of operation. I think 60% of their time is being spent running about doing nothing.

4. The only two organizations working in a disciplined manner with regard to delivery of goods and establishing services are the Army and Edhi. Their camps are organized, their delivery is substantial and the process seems to be running smoothly. We delivered half the stuff to Edhi and the other half to the Army Camp just short of Shinkiari. Subsequently, one of the trucks was taken directly to a village called "Ouggi" which had received very few supplies.

5. There is no need anymore for food. In fact, it is not wise to send uncooked items since there is no means for cooking. What is required now are tents and kafans as first priority, and blankets and epidemic controlling drugs as second priority.

6. Ofcourse, the shortfall is happening seriously in terms of machinery to pull ppl out of the debris. International teams have been very effective, Pakistani teams utterly non-existent except for whatever the Army could pull together in terms of machinery.

7. The first emergency medical camp we saw was in Abbottabad, at Ayub Medical College. It was full of injured and dead. Also quite chaotic but somewhat more organized than the one in Mansehra.

8. The camp in Mansehra needs a PMO! There is all sort of political manouvreing going on to get goods and supplies to specific spots thru specific groups. I saw many politicians there - wont name them! - who were shaking hands and just generally checking up alongw/ their individual camera crews. For the 3 hours that we were there trying to find out who would take custody of our goods, we saw no progress other than doctors who were exhausted with looking after an unending line of injured. I saw more dishonest activity going on than I did serious work other than by the doctors. There were rooms full of medical supplies but they were all getting wet and dirty due to the rain and hailstorm. I didnt see anyone make an effort to move them to safer, closed structures.

9. In terms of communication etc., cellular service is working all the way to the top, i.e till Sinkiari, in patches ofcourse. Whatever communication network you intend to set up, make sure you put ONE TEAM INCHARGE, to organize it. I would advise do it in collaboration with either Edhi or the Army. There isnt any other organization there that I felt was equipped to handle any substantial cross-town, across-territory work.

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The Earth Quake...
09 October 05 11:42 PM

Our nation is in deep trouble - Many people are dead and many are waiting for the aid to come and they may die coz we don't have enough resources to help them... O Allah only you can help them - O Allah forgive those who died and bless the injured people with health and bless the rescuers with the powers to help them all... O Allah, we have forgotten Your Powers – we have lost our faith and we are involved in sins - We have forgotten that you can teach us lesson in a second... O Allah forgive us... O Allah forgive us. Ameen

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Ramazan and some more image processing tricks...
06 October 05 05:04 PM

Ramazan, the month of blessings is here. Congratualations to all readers who are blessed enough to see this month.

Some experiments with photographs taken at Kot Lukhput Railway Station, Lahore.

Hope people will enjoy the visual treat :)

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Back from Microsoft Enterprise Tech-Talk...
02 October 05 09:12 PM

Without any preamble, it was a pure wastage of time and company resources!

I guess it was just an attempt by Microsoft Pakistan to mark a tick that Microsoft Pakistan has arranged something. There were no proper listeners - only students were there and they kept coming in and out. I am sure nobody got anything out of our presentation because it was too fast. I think there was nobody from industry. And then, in the end, there was no Q&A session!

The only good thing, after presentation, we were taken to university's library for tea. After tea I was waiting for my pickup, I read one and half book :D. One was about the life of Einstein and other one was on "Ethics of Dinning". After a long long time I have read not IT related stuff from a book.

Anyway, life will be back on track tomorrow...

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