Nice one...
28 September 05 10:42 AM
Normally I do not like to post jokes on my blog, but this one is an exception. I have read many jokes in my life, but this one wins the cake!

Ferrari's F1 Team has fired its entire Pit Crew. The announcement follows Ferrari's decision to take advantage of Pakistan's unemployment, and hire unemployed Pakistani youths from Peshawar. The decision to hire them was brought on by a recent documentary on how they were able to remove a set of wheels from a car parked in the street in less than 6 seconds without proper equipment, whereas Ferrari's existing crew takes more than 8 seconds with the right equipment.
This was thought to be an excellent yet bold move by Ferrari Management and as most races are won & lost in the pits, Ferrari would have an advantage over every other team.
However, Ferrari's expectations were exceeded, as during the Crew's first practice session; not only were 'da boyz' from Peshawar able to change the tyres in under 6 seconds, but within 12 seconds they had resprayed the car, filed off the chassis number and sold the vehicle over to the McLaren's Team.

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Just gotta...
26 September 05 10:09 AM
Brand new skin :)

I found this skin on net while I was installing and creating skins for community website of

Microsoft Enterprise talk in Lahore, bad bad Lahore, no donut for you :)

And about typical married [Khurram's comments] problem, hmmmm... I was thinking about posting something on it as well... in my last post I said people forget friends and develop their own separate time tables and routines...

but I guess it is not always true... Balanced life is beautiful thing... and I am sure many people practice it. I guess Khurram is one of them. How can I say that? This community website yaar... and his comments on my post :(
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Microsoft Enterprise Tech Talk
20 September 05 09:50 PM

For those who know about an upcoming event called "Microsoft Enterprise Tech Talk", they might have found my name in the list of speakers. And for those who do know, Microsoft Pakistan is arranging a seminar with an agenda to discuss how .NET is facilitating the development of enterprise level application; and being particular, financial applications.

Yes, that's me and I will be presenting my project called inBanking.

"inBanking will help banks in managing their global trading activities, by providing a user configurable global deal pricing, deal capture, risk management, deal processing, reconciliation, accounting, and full general ledger functionality from a single platform.  It’s also intended to provide detailed reporting, both internally (MIS) and for the local and central regulatory authorities.  inBanking is engineered to be able to provide a one stop solution for banks and to enable seamless straight through processing (STP).  Providing total automation from the deal capture process, through the confirmation and payment cycles right the way through to reconciliation of third part statements of account and incoming confirmations. 

Whilst being able to offer a one stop solution, inBanking will also be able to handle any individual component part in the chain, Deal capture, Deal Pricing, Operations, Risk Management, etc, and to provide or receive relevant information to and from any other in-house or external bank systems.  inBanking will be developed with extensive exception handling and provide for automated resolution of exceptions.  inBanking will further enable pricing and extensive risk and position management and all related activities to be handled seamlessly."

I will emphasize on application architecture, design and what patterns and practices we are following. Today I have completed first draft of my presentation. Hopefully it will be finalized by tomorrow.

If anybody needs more information about this event, please drop me an email. I will send you the complete schedule.

Last date for registration is Monday, September 26, 2005. To get yourself enrolled for the session, I guess you have to send an email to

Seminar Venue: Friday, September 30, 2005 at M. A. Jinnah University, Karachi.

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More about photography :D
08 September 05 11:08 PM

My photography album RSS. Feeling good to have RSS-ed :)

I have uploaded some more stuff from my rescent trip of fairy meadows.

Hey, you know, at, top rate photo was taken by me :D. Click here to check out the photo. Also, on Top 100 page, in first 16 enteries, 11 photos belong to me :D.

Also, I have downloaded, if anybody is interested, can download from here.

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ASP .NET application performance tips
05 September 05 12:35 PM
Finally, I get a chance to be a bit technical - chance to share something technical.

Checkout the post by Farukh (a collegue of mine). I haven't yet reviewed the post. When I will, you will find my comments :)

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Gala Continues...
05 September 05 12:24 PM
About Khurram's comment on my previous post... "Ahoo, only this option is left :P". And Adeel, yaar I haven't yet explored my current world, so why should I take the load of two worlds.

Still being non-technical, I am planning to visit this place. Anybody interested to join me? Khuraam bhai? Ahh... sorry to address you, coz you are not one of us (as we use for married people in office/friend circle). All of my married friends are no more one of us. I mean they are not available for Saturday nights, for trekking trips etc etc. Is this always happen?

Between, offer for the trip is very valid. About expenses, we recently had an excellent trip to Fairy Meadows @ Rs 3700 per head
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days of my life...
02 September 05 11:27 PM

I got windows of my car darkened... I drive car very slowly... I don't park my car properly in office... I park wherever I like to... I don't come to office on time... I clear the lift and let other people waiting for it though they deserved to enter... I eat other's lunch... I use tons of ketchup on my sandwich... I spend time with smokers while they are smoking and I am looking at them...

today I broke my new stupid dvd rom coz (like always) it was stuck when I was at the climax of a movie... I really hate this dvd rom... instead of claiming warranty, I will break it and buy new one....

but I am learning things.

working on million things.

too much mental effort and I get very tired when I reach home. Don’t have time for other activities... though I gotta study million things...

Dunno where I will end up with all this......................

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28 August 05 05:36 PM

Now a days I am attending an online training about Visual Studio Team System. Following is my learning after first session.

"A unit of work that you assign and track through a specific work flow is known as a work item. "

"The Team Architect Edition comes up with four designers

  • the Distributed Application Designer
  • the Logical Infrastructure Designer
  • the Deployment designer
  • the Class Designer.

They enable the software architects and infrastructure architects to collaborate more effectively on delivering service oriented applications.
The great thing about Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) is that these four designers work together.

The diagrams you author in the Distributed Application Designer are always synchronized with the code.The Class Designer is a class visualization tool that is also synchronized with the code. The architecture you describe in the Distributed Application Designer can be immediately validated against the network infrastructure you describe in the Logical Infrastructure Designer. Logical Infrastructure Designer is also synchronized with the code. This saves a lot of time during deployment, because the application you have built will work in the network topology that you need to deploy it in. The Distributed Application Designer enables you to visually author your Web services and service oriented architectures. The Logical Infrastructure Designer enables you to visually author your network infrastructure. The Deployment designer enables you to deploy a specific system into the target logical datacenter. The Class Designer enables you to visually author your code."

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24 August 05 03:19 PM
Few days back I claimed that I am working on some photography website. Well in fact I am not working but I am criticizing it badly and making asim [] jump/yell out of his shoes. I never had time to practically participate in the construction of this website. But I got the pleasure that I made asim jump out of his shoes :D I guess asim has really worked hard in developing this website… hats off for him. Check out asim's website, he has got some cool stuff up there for free :)

Anyway, website is almost ready to rock… as you might have judged from my previous post and my website [], I have placed all of my photography portfolio up there. Click here to view my photography portfolio.

Well people, website is called Do check it out. There are around 600 photos already up there. If you have any good shots of Beautiful Pakistan, share them all up there. Check out a classic shot.

Also, BeautifulPakistan is RSS enabled place... important links are...

About, I guess it is first volunteer effort by someone to digitally unveil the beauty of my Pakistan on web.

I am looking forward to see as the best website depicting/representing the beauty of Pakistan.

About the gallery which I was developing in ASP .NET Whidbey, it is also ready to rock. All need is to put a post here on my blog to officially unveil it.
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Back from another trip...
24 August 05 03:10 PM
Hello people... I came back day before yesterday from another trip to northern areas of Pakistan. I had to go to Islamabad by road.

We went to Nathia Gali and had a little trekking trip on Mushk Purri track. Off course during this trip I had my camera with me. I have taken some photographs. Check out my new image gallery.

Also people, I have stitched my first panorama. Check it out here.

If you like pictures taken by me, please don't forget to rate...
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Climber rescued from major peak
15 August 05 10:35 PM

Pakistani troops have rescued a renowned Slovenian mountaineer stuck under a narrow ice ledge on one of the world's highest peaks for six days.

Tomaz Humar was trapped by bad weather on Nanga Parbat in northern Pakistan at a height of nearly 6,000m. He was unable to untie his rope, which had to be severed as an army helicopter carried him away to safety. It is believed to be the first time such a rescue has been carried out successfully at such a high altitude.

"He is absolutely all right," military spokesman Col Atique Rehman is quoted as saying by Reuters.

Links of interest.

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Some knowledge sharing and a questions...
11 August 05 12:25 PM
Like I posted earlier, to learn ASP .NET Whidbey, I am developing a little image gallery application. Working with Whidbey is so cool that I have almost written the whole application twice :)

There are many ways to provide users the interaction facilities with data. Grid Views, if you want to show the data in form of grids and you want to provide edit/delete facilities. Form view is a new control – instead of showing records in form of a grid, it displays the records in form of a “form”. Highly customizable – you can change control types etc. They have made all these controls so easy to use and so powerful that in many cases you do not need to do coding for front end.

These controls can interact with data using one of the following ways…
  • You write/mention the SP/queries for select – update – delete and insert. Whenever page is loaded, ASP .NET will automatically read (using select SP/query) the data and display it in grid/form view. When ever user edits/deletes/inserts a record, it will automatically call the respective SP/queries and perform the specific operation. That’s it. Life is easy for not so good developers.
  • If you want to do some good work, following are the options.
    • Describe the database table in a typed dataset, add a data set adapter. During the configuration wizard, ask it to generate code for Fill and GetData. It will automatically generate update/delete/insert methods. Now on front end, instead of calling the SP/query, call these methods. In data source configuration wizard, instead of selecting Data, select Object as data source and point it to the data set. Life for a bit managed people is cool.
    • Define your own business classes; write methods for reading, updating, deleting, inserting data. In data source configuration wizard, select your business object and select the respective methods. Life is easy for people who want to do some work.
All of the above said (except the last one) provides sort of connected mode of interaction with database. Like if I delete a row from data view, it performs the delete operation immediately. What if I want to provide the functionality like user deletes the rows he want to, and then he clicks Commit button. I guess last approach is for this kind of situations – i.e. business classes should be state full.

Now question arises, where should we store the state of the class? I haven’t read much about caching techniques in ASP .NET 2.0, but if I consider my knowledge about previous version of ASP .NET, following are the options.
  • View State
  • Session
  • Cache (App etc)
Anybody got any comments regarding ASP .NET 2.0? What should be the design of the system? How can I make my business objects state full? Should I pass the reference of ViewState or Session (or anyother caching object) from Page to Business Object? [bad design... I guess].
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Days of my life...
07 August 05 11:42 PM

Back online after four days; I was not feeling well. I had a bad throat and invented a new pain :D ... well I guess it was all because of my habits/sitting postures and etc etc.

Anyway, during these days I did nothing - I have seen Kingdom of Heaven [camera print and I guess it was also not complete]. A good balanced movie showing who we were! i.e. a Muslim ruler has the power to crush those powers who are not following the accords and creating problems for everyone. I won't be narrating the whole story here coz you gotta see it. Sound effects are good, camera work is also good, acting is just fine, cinematography is good and music is good, but not the up to the level of Gladiator .

Ghassan Massoud has played the role of Great King Salah-ud-din Ayobi. He himself says about it...

Everything in Saladin's own life is also my philosophy. My culture is that of Saladin. My religion is the same religion and I speak the same language, have the same geography and the same history. It is in my nature to understand Saladin more than anyone in the West. He has been a role-model for us since our youth. From the philosophy of the people, Saladin was an example for the Muslim hero who returned to Arabs and Muslims their pride and their dignity.

The only bad point about the story is that it is depicted that Salah-ud-din just used him man power to conquer: Which is not true. He was one of the intelligent kings ever born on earth. They have shown that Christians lost first big battle coz they were away from waters and were thirsty and thats it - in fact they were, but history I guess goes like...

The crusaders began their march from Sephoria on July 3, with Raymond leading the vanguard, Guy the main army, and Balian, Raynald, and the military orders the rearguard. They were almost immediately under harassment from the Muslim skirmishers on horseback. By noon on that day Saladin had joined his forces at Cafarsett and sent his army to engage the exhausted and depleted Crusaders. The rearguard was forced to a halt by continuous attacks, thus halting the whole army. The crusaders, after a day with no fresh water, were forced to make camp in the middle of the plain, surrounded by the Muslim army. Saladin's forces set fire to the grass around the camp during the night. On the morning of July 4, the crusaders were blinded by smoke, through which the Muslim cavalry pelted them with arrows. MORE

I guess we should read about our Heroes.

And a pathetic thing, instead of teaching our children that Salah-ud-din is our hero - our TV channels are informing us that singers and dancers are our heroes. Speaking about TV... yesterday was anniversary of first atom bomb usage. US is still not ashamed of its barbaric act - and why they should be? :)

Yesterday I was watching Geo TV (my neck creates problem if I sit before computer). They were showing a documentary film produced by some "Patriotic Pakistani" production company. It was against nukes. I was shocked to see that they were ONLY criticizing Pakistan/Nawaz Shareef for conducting nuclear tests! I think India pays Geo money to do this propaganda or they are trying to be illegitimate child of India... or I think they are blind. I had a discussion with Dr Faisal Masood (during my visit to him for checkup) and he made a good point. He was saying that in this world some things are invented with bad nature in mind, but they can prove good (like if knife is in hand of surgeon, it can give life and if in hand of a robber, can take away life). Similarly there are things which have no use but other then evil. If an entity makes the second type of thing, it is illegal, against humanity and is a punishable act. But this evil things turns to good if some other entity makes same thing to defend itself. These illegitimate children of India are unable to understand this fundamental difference :)

Anyway, good for them - khaoo, peoo mooj kuroo (eat, drink and have fun).... you got this Pakistan for free, enjoy your freedom. No more talk on politics from me.

Happy Birthday of Pakistan comin up...

And in news section - photo gallery is almost complete :D development in Whidbey is cool.easy :) ... I am also taking part in building a community website - will post about it here soon...

btw my blog is really becoming soliloquy... instead of some techy posts... lets see when techy inside me wakes up... grawwwwwwwwwwwn'...

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and life is like this:
01 August 05 11:49 PM

You know what, I am technically been killed ... its been more then three weeks since I am back from Fairy Meadows and I have just learnt/done following four new thingys...

  • Upgraded my machine: Now I have gotta real mean machine with following specs..
    • Intel Pentium 4 - 3.0 GHz HT Processor
    • Intel D915GAV Board
    • 1 GB DDR RAM
    • 120 GB Seagate SATA Disk
  • Now my official .NET dev environment is Visual Studio 2005 beta 2 and having said that, I have upgraded my old CoGen (a code generating wizard - I have written for PHP) to CoGen 2.0 for .NET framework 2.0 (kinda rewrite). It is windows based application and man I LOVED while developing things in Visual Studio 2005. And talking about Visual Studio 2005, still unable to install Team System.
  • Read about test driven development - trying to implement it and no success as yet - coz I am far far away from development now a days. Khurram has post some nice information about it - please carry on, I am learning from your experiences.. specially the maintenance thingy strikes me badly!
  • Learning about how to manage a team of developers.

And that's it! Dunno why, but life is no cool :S though I love my new machine and VS 2005 and waiting for my brand new car...

And in happenings department, my lead/PM resigned - team is orphan now a days and fahad sahaab is learning team/managment now a days and I guess killing himself softly!

oh haan... I have done some design ... workin in Whidbey as fun and making photography website... will show soon....

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Just a lazy post...
06 July 05 09:31 PM

Yesterday I uploaded few photos on my website. Check them out. Regarding my previous post, I got few interesting comments. One of them was from Khurram. Well yea, I wanted to be an artist/photographer and I like to design. That's it :) Right now I don't have that much high-fi photography equipment... just got a 3.2 MP Sony camera (my mum gave me on my convocation :D) but I try to get max out of it. During this trip I have learnt a lot about my camera. And beside knowing about my camera, I have ruined some pictures as well coz of under or over exposure. I have taken night picture of glowing Nanga Purbut with large value of shutter time, but since I was holding the camera in my hands, photo has lot of grains :S Photo was looking great on camera LCD but when I transferred it on PC, it was a total mess. Anyway, life is like this - you people just missed another visual treat :)

About other updates, fully back on track now. Right now I am working on connecting our application with Reuters rate feeds. Right now I have got a simulator (written back in 90's) and I am connecting to it via DDE. Instead of writing code from scratch, I have found a COM component (written by old developers back in 90's) which have implemented all the protocol and lower level details. Instead of re-engineering the wheel, I have just consumed that component. My project plan says I am developing it from scratch (hehehe...). Lets see whether it bears the stress of million requests per day :)

Anybody got any idea about Reuters? Even a little help would be appreciated.

Anyway, was just here to write that I have uploaded few pictures... and since I have done it... so, signing out!

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