Another Good Thingy about ASP .NET Whidbey!

Published 25 July 04 10:55 PM

Yes... out of thousand, I found another one but I forgot to mention in my previous post... but here I come.

For those who are working in ASP .NET and uses POSTBACK events of text boxes, the focus issue is very teasing. Like if you have three text boxes for name, age and email address... if you have set the POSTBACK property to true and you want to perform some kind of validation (or some complex business check) then after user has entered his name and pressed tab POSTBACK occurs. But cursor does not automatically sets itself to age!

Now comes the Whidbey... user enters name hits tab... after POSTBACK the cursor is blinking in age (of whatever is the next control in tab order).... Bingo... similarly, if user enter name and clicks email address text box, POSTBACK occurs and tab order is overridden (since user clicks on email address which is on number 3 in tab order) and email address text box is selected!

And thing even works for data grids too!

Haven't tested the output HTML in Netscape but I am sure it will work with it as well coz there is nothing fancy about it.

Fahad Khalil
(After learning another thing...)

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