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How to write Windows Service using C# .NET
25 August 04 09:37 AM
Yesterday I managed to write a windows service which runs a batch file (to start some Oracle App Server services) after 10 minutes whenever the server is restarted. It took me just 10 minutes (including creating a deployment setup). I consulted following Read More...
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A Discussion...
19 August 04 10:50 PM
Question: I have recieved a query regarding a Networking Project. The student is intending to build an efficient Crytographic Technique to be used over the Network. For this, it has to cope with the socket level programming. Currently, the student is Read More...
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Another Stunt by Google!
19 August 04 11:41 AM
Google is hiring for their new advance computing facility located at Moon! The Googlunaplex will house 35 engineers, 27,000 low cost web servers, 2 massage therapists and a sushi chef formerly employed by the Read More...
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Somethingys about ASP .NET ...
17 August 04 09:45 AM
Well, I was just reading MSDN and found this article... do check out. Enjoy.... Fahad Khalil (After reading a nice article on MSDN) Read More...
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