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Published 10 March 05 10:34 PM

I have been using Visual Studio 2003 for last one and half year and Visual Studio 2005 for about last six months. If you wish to have something in it, you can directly suggest it to Microsoft. You can find the related links on Visual Studio 2005 page on MSDN.

Anyway, as I was saying about my experience, I have suggested them following suggestions. Do they make sense?

Problem Statement:
Sometime during visual development you visually set properties of some visual control and then run the application to see how it looks like in the whole scene. If you have more then one controls either you do it with one control, or select all the controls and test (which is very difficult if canvas contains large number of controls). The other option would be, trying on one control and then selecting the remaining and setting the properties accordingly... in this case you will have to remember what you have done. But this practice is not good specially if you forget some setting and you have got large number of controls on the canvas.
Proposed Solution:
Providing "Format Painter" kind of utility, just like MS Word has got one.
Developer should be able to select a control and then click on Format Painter and then click on the other controls and common set of properties are set based upon the settings of the very first control (except variable name etc).

Problem Statement:
In code we can search for particular strings.
Well, what about searching for particular datatype as well? Like, I know I have declared some variable in code-file of type "DropDownList" but I can't remember the complete name of it. Either I should be able to search for all DropDownList type objects inside the file, or with some search token like "ctrl" and type DropDownList. It should search for variable types DropDownList with %ctrl%.
Proposed Solution:
Modification of Search box.

Problem Statement:
Book marks are an excellent way to mark certain pieces of code of one's interest. Specially if you are working on large code files.
Right now, we can only place one kind of book marks.
I suggest one should be able to configure the types like... "function calls", "variable declarations" etc. So that I can jump where ever I want to with more ease!
Proposed Solution:
Improvement in Book Mark mechanism.

Got anything better then this in your mind? Post a comment here and visit the MSDN and suggest Microsoft and make lives of million developers a bit easy :)

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