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Revival of Startups: The New Trend
18 May 05 12:07 PM
Reviving a Western software startup offshore involves transitions for everyone. In reviving a startup of his, but in Pakistan, Englishman Noel Thurlow asked for (and received) the rights to run his startup inside NetSol in an incubator environment, under Read More...
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ADO .NET 2.0
14 May 05 01:34 PM
Lets mess with ADO .NET 2.0. I have got WeFly247 training DVD for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. Right now I have just finishing the ADO .NET training. Wow, ADO .NET is cool. Here I would like to highlight major features of ADO .NET. Comments/questions are Read More...
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Authentication - a tutorial
12 May 05 11:49 PM
During my free time web surfing, I found an tutorial about security/authentication. This tutorial explains Authentication: What it is, how you work with it, and what options are currently available to you. Then each choice is described in more detail Read More...
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09 May 05 10:32 AM
A brand new day and a brand new place to blog! Congrats and thank you for maintaining such a nice place for us to blog. You people are really doing great job. Now about comments... I can now blog using firefox! I can't use internet explorer Read More...
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Another Humble Request To Bloggers
09 May 05 10:50 AM
Its good to have a brand new system at Please try to change the font to standard fonts (like verdana size 2). Specially when you copy/paste some contents from external source. Your blogs will be more readable and main page Read More...
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