Summer ... PDC ... Rain :)

Published 09 June 05 09:32 PM
Its been a while since I have dumped anything. Now a days I am not enjoying an excellent high spirit days. Tons of work to do, dead lines and no colors in life!

Anyway, Google offering an Open Source competition. The Summer of Code is Google's program designed to introduce students (well I am one, and I think everyone is :)) to the world of open source software development. And there are excellent ideas listed on the project website. Do check it out. I will browse through the ideas and will try to have some inspirations.

Also, there is another software competition going on. Good thing is, prize money is very high, and its about Visual Studio .NET 2005. Idea should be about connected application utilizing BizTalk Server and stuff like that. Check it out.

About misc. thingys, inshaAllah I will be flying to attend Microsoft Pakistan Developer's Conference (PDC 2005) this Sunday. Air tickets, stay etc is confirmed. I am seriously looking forward for an extreme learning trip.

About today evening, there was a Very strong wind storm in Lahore and its still raining. I left office at about six and at that time it was at its peak. Lahore is full of dust, rather one should say Lahore is made up of dust. My office is near Lahore airport. Visibility was very low. And the wind was so strong that I was feeling that I car is climbing on a hill road. The worst thing is, like always, many sign boards went down and there were traffic blocks on Main Boulevard. We are obviously a crowd of illiterate, ill-mannered and senseless people. Most of the traffic jam was because of a stupid person trying to violate some traffic rule. I hate such traffic jams. We have got brand new shinning cars but we do not deserve them. Habit of misbehaving is directly proportional to the cost of car. Specifically at night, people with jeeps use such high beams as if they are in deserts. They create a lot of problems for other people. Toyota has made an ugly model (called Corolla) while violating road-manners. Corolla's lights (even on low beam) are very sharp and makes the person partially blind. On the other hand, Civic's lights are much better (not advocating civic coz I have it or I like it). I don't know whether there is any road acceptance test for vehicles in Pakistan.

Anyway, life is like this! There are two trips for me during this month. First is this PDC one, and secondly I will be going to Fairy Meadows / Nanga Purbut Base camp. We will be doing trekking and camping there. I am sure being away from silicon (computers, mobiles...) things would be fun. Will post the details about the trip when we have finalized the schedule. Btw, anybody with comments/suggestions for the trip?

by fahad
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