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Published 17 June 05 10:21 PM

I came back yesterday from Karachi after having a wonderful trip which was full of fun, learning and unique experiences.

A brand new experience includes breaking a signal, getting caught by police and running away! A *good* friend of mine has recently moved to Karachi (hmm.. its been a whole year, time flies!) and he used to come in evenings to spend some time with us. I was driving the car at Shahray Faisal, accidentally broke a signal, police caught us before next signal. There were three police men. I immediately closed the car AC (to get some extra power) gave the indicator so that they think I am coming down like a good person. As soon as the signal turned green, I simply dragged the car and ran away with burnt rubber traces left there!

I would have never done that, but car papers were missing. I like to live by rules. But sometime these police men are really annoying. Specially near Lahore airport. Signals of one side are not normally working there and I guess they do something with them. I have seen them stopping cars coz signals was red, and being faulty light, it was not being displayed. I have seen many people ignoring the police men trying to stop them as if they are some kind of newspaper seller.

Was it the right thing to do? I dunno... will think whenever this kind of even comes again... Should we pre-think about things or just wait for the time? I wait for the time!

by fahad
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