Back from Microsoft Enterprise Tech-Talk...

Published 02 October 05 09:12 PM

Without any preamble, it was a pure wastage of time and company resources!

I guess it was just an attempt by Microsoft Pakistan to mark a tick that Microsoft Pakistan has arranged something. There were no proper listeners - only students were there and they kept coming in and out. I am sure nobody got anything out of our presentation because it was too fast. I think there was nobody from industry. And then, in the end, there was no Q&A session!

The only good thing, after presentation, we were taken to university's library for tea. After tea I was waiting for my pickup, I read one and half book :D. One was about the life of Einstein and other one was on "Ethics of Dinning". After a long long time I have read not IT related stuff from a book.

Anyway, life will be back on track tomorrow...

by fahad
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