Hello... I am alive...

Published 20 October 05 08:15 PM

I'm very busy now a days, preparing documents and things like that for my trip to NetSol Technologies HQ.

On this weekend I have successfully ported beautifulPakistan.com's existing users into Community Server. We are planning to host blogs and forums on beautifulPakistan.com using Community Server and we are almost there.

Right now I am managing space on my 120 GB SATA to install VM Ware and then Windows 2003 and then Visual Studio 2005 and Team System. I am still unable to see it running on my machine <cries>.

About professional life - just rejected (or being polite not accepted) an offer from one of the best software house of Lahore! They were offering me everything I can imagine - in terms of exposure, position and work... but I still dunno why I rejected the offer </thinking>. Lets see, what happens to me </smile>. All blame will go to Talha, Sana and Kaifee </evil>.

In fun part, got following sticket on back of my car <smiles>

28.6 GB ready on J drive of my machine... here I go...

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