Coffee Shops of Lahore...

Published 26 October 05 08:52 PM

All coffee shops of Lahore a useless!

I used to visit CTC (Coffee Tea and Company) last year. I once went there at 12 of night alone, while coming back from office. It was a wet and cold winter night... I really enjoyed my cup of coffee with slow rain and slow music being played in background. CTC used to serve really nice coffee in big cups (click here to check out their previous cups). Last year they used to serve a cup of coffee for Rs 60. This year they have increased the price, reduced the cup size and reduced the coffee quality. Now it is quite useless to go there. Speaking about Hot Fuzon, it is also expensive and useless place. About Kaps, again useless place. Same comments about Jemen Java. There is a relatively new place called Bees Hive. Their coffee quality is just fine. Today while coming back to home after Iftar, we went to Copper Kettle. Their coffee was good. During my last trip to Karachi, I visited place called Caffeine. It was relatively better then Lahori places.

I am not complaining about prices. Its about quality. I guess there is no quality coffee shop which not only provides nice coffee but also the environment with slow music: where one can really spend some time with himself and gentle aroma of coffee. CTC was a nice place initially, but with the passage of time it has lost its charm. Everybody here is thinking about making money. If any of the coffee shops I have mentioned here are closed today, nobody will remember them.

Nobody is interested in thinking about making a memorable place. A place with which people should be attached emotionally. Like Pak Tea House on Mall Road.

I have an idea... what about opening a coffee shop like Cafe Perk? I mean a happy happy place where people can sit for some time and enjoy coffee and bakery stuff. Excellent coffee should be served in big big colorful cups along with complimentary cookies...

Btw a questions: Are big cups out of fashion??

by fahad
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