Coffee Time...

Published 29 October 05 12:57 PM
Well, I have got some responses about gathering at coffee table... Khurram has suggested next Friday. Next Friday would be eid in Lahore. I have no problem coming on eid day, but I would like to suggest next Sunday, the 5th November. So people, what you say?

About Ayy Bee's cup of coffee, I will sponsor it. Happy? Beside cup of coffee, Ayy Bee, you can have your Zinger as well :)

I gotta comment about Ayy Bee's comments… then I will post about the latest discussion about the usage of typed datasets in our new project.

Just for information, inBanking has been halted for a while and right now I am a part of design and planning team responsible for converting an old application into web-enabled application using .NET framework.
by fahad
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