Coffee Time and Certifications...

Published 01 November 05 12:40 AM

I got some comments about the get together at some coffee shop. It’s perfectly okay with me to change the date time. Khurram has suggested Monday evening, but I would recommend the evening of Saturday, 12th of November. So, what you people think/comment now?

Now about certifications, I have always seen competent people with out certifications. Speaking about competent people, if I have to recommend somebody to represent Lahore as a .NET hardcore geek, I would recommend Ayy Bee. How many certifications he has? None.

I think people try to do certifications to hide their in competencies. For me, pasting big images of MCSD on your resume is childish thing. I always prefer not to recommend such a person for an interview. My experience with certification holders is not good. For me the only thing matters is the major degree and work experience.

Speaking about stupid resumes, I will post some snap shots :)

Here I would like to add another thing, I am not against certifications. What I think is you should not shadow yourself under them. I am also planning to acquire some certifications related to .NET. The day when I will have some certifications, I will place them in my resume under my major degree without any fancy style. I will not post big stupid images of MCSD on top of my resume.

by fahad
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