Responding Aziz....

Published 20 November 05 01:12 AM

Refering to Aziz's post, I am unable to post comments on his post... I guess there is some problem with the skin he is using. Can somebody check it please?

wow... I would love to do the consultancy :)

About oracle ... well, I might have taken the pleasure of filling those blanks.. but I will just say Oracle $ucks! Now a days I am also working on an application which talks with oracle... we spend tons of time on resolving minor issues which is pure wastage of time... and these minor issues are just coz of the "short-sightness" of oracle ppl... will discuss them in details laterz... about adobe, I use fireworks.. and I think I am not good with it.. I like to use my camera instead. But still, any problem, related to camera, .NET - Oracle, fireworks, you are more then welcome to ask.. I will try my best to help you out...

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